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School trip journal

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Japanese school trips

Japanese school trips are a big part of the educational life in Japan. Often a whole year of students travel with a handful of teachers to either some famous tourist destinations or to some theme parks or go abroad. It is one of the most memorable parts of school life.

In this blog by a Japanese language teacher, Izumi Yanaka finds a nostalgic essay about that time. This enjoyable blog for Japanese learners is a great way to study new vocabulary and Kanji. Read the blog and listen to Yanaka sensei reading the blog herself on YouTube video to learn more Japanese for free.

School trip journal










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School trip journal

 When I was doing the year-end cleaning, I found my school trip journal from my elementary school. The elementary school that I went put a lot of effort into essay writing. And the 6th graders had to write their school trip essays on over 100 sheets of writing paper. The school trip was a one night and two days trip to Kyoto and Nara.

 “What did I write about?”

 When I started reading it I found that the first part was about my first school trip when I was a third year student. Then I wrote about the preparations before the school trip and up to the point that we arrived at the destination. It started off in great detail, but by the time it got to part when we arrived at the Japanese inn, the amount of conversation sentences increased. Conversations during the meal. In the bath. During the evening. And the conversations we have when we were going to sleep. There is a rule that every conversation dialogue has to start on a new line. So I wrote out conversations I had with friends and about words of warning I got from the teachers, so that before long the pages filled up. I was probably just trying to use up as many papers as possible but I got to recall the fun memories vividly.

 The disappointing part was when I wrote about the second day. I was probably getting close to the handing in deadline day and I was running out of time, so the parts about Shōsōin Shoso Repository, Sangatsudo Hall, Nigatsudo temple, and Horyuji Temple took up only 5 or 6 pages. If I had tried to write it all down, there would have been enough content to fill lots of pages. I finished reading it with a wry smile thinking, if only I had planned out my writing better. In the end my school journal came to 111 pages. As an afterword, my 6th grade self was really glad that I had managed to write more than 100 pages. When I read it back, my impression as my grown-up current self, was that I wish that I had tried a little harder. But all in all, I was able to have a nostalgic time while reading it and felt that I had come face to face with my 6th grade self.

力(ちから)を入(い)れる to put effort into; to put strength into

修学旅行(しゅうがくりょこう) excursion; field trip; school trip;

原稿用紙(げんこうようし) Japanese writing paper (lined with a square grid, one square per character); manuscript paper;

冒頭(ぼうとう) beginning; start; first part

事細(ことこま)かく detailed; minute; articulate

改行(かいぎょう)する to start a new line

(ページが)埋(う)まる to be filled

枚数稼(まいすうかせ)ぎ to use as many pages as possible

鮮(あざ)やかに vividly

よみがえる to be recalled

計画的(けいかくてき)に planned; scheduled; systematic; 

苦笑(にがわら)い bitter smile; wry smile; forced smile;

後書(あとが)き afterword; postscript;


Hajimemashite ! My name is Izumi YANAKA.
Through my work as a System Engineer, I have had the experience of teaming up with foreign members of a team. After seeing the difficulties the team members went through with communication and cultural differences, I got to thinking, "If only there was something I could do to help !" Which was what led me to become a Japanese teacher.

How do you find studying Japanese ? Is it difficult ? Do you find it trying ? At the beginning, easy phrases will do, just think of what you want to say and give it a go. For example, let's talk about your favorite things. I like playing tennis, traveling, and gardening. What do you like to do ?

What's the best phrase to say in this situation ? Is this grammar usage correct ?

If you have questions like these on your mind, I want to answer them all one by one. And in this way, without even realizing it, your Japanese will come to improve.

Once you are able to speak, it gets to be fun. It's not difficult, and not trying at all ! I will help you widen your Japanese speaking world. Let's enjoy learning Japanese together.

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