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Chilled email(?)

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Writing emails in Japanese

With emails becoming the most used form of business communication, it is important to learn how to write emails in Japanese properly. There is a course that you can take at JOI that teaches business Japanese and also how to write a business email.

But this blog is a funny look at how people can make mistakes when writing Japanese. The computer Kanji covert feature can lead to many typos and unintended sentences.

Read this funny blog by Ueno sensei to learn more about common mistakes in Kanji, hiragana and katakana when writing emails. You can listen to the blog on the YouTube video too.

Chilled email(?)


By UENO Akari









To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.


 みなさんは、日本語(にほんご)でメールを打(う)つことがありますか。 わたしは毎日(まいにち)メールを打(う)つ機会(きかい)がありますが、疲(つか)れている時(とき)は特(とく)に気(き)をつけています。ぼんやりしていると、違(ちが)う漢字(かんじ)に変換(へんかん)されたり、文字(もじ)を打(う)ち間違(まちが)えたままメールを出(だ)してしまうことがあるからです。このようなメールについて、ちょっと調(しら)べてみました。

 ・「よい終末(しゅうまつ)を!」 本当(ほんとう)は、(よい週末(しゅうまつ)を!)と打(う)ちたかったんでしょ うね。 他(ほか)にも、 ・「これから、紙切(かみき)ります/噛(か)み切(き)ります


・「最後(さいご)に、まじん (ぎ)りした万能(ばんのう)ネギをのせて出来上(できあ) がり」




Chilled email(?)

Do you ever write emails in Japanese? I have the chance to write emails in Japanese every day, but I am very careful when doing it, especially when I am tired. This is because, when you are spacing out, you can convert the wrong Kanji character or hit the wrong key and then end up sending an email with the typos. I looked up examples of emails like this.

“Have a nice end of the world!” (actually, they wanted to type “Have a nice weekend!” There are more.
“I am going to go and cut some paper/cut my teeth.” (Should be, “I am going to cut my hair”).
“I have some mushrooms in the night ceremony room” – (Should say, “I have some mushrooms in the refrigerator vegetable drawer”)
“When you graduate from university, let’s Sumo wrestle together” – (Should be, “When you graduate from university, let’s live together”)
“Please check through the attached departed soul” - (Should be, “Please check through the attached document”)
“Where are you now?” “Imagine!” – (Which should be, “I am at a shrine now”).  

These above are actual mistakes made in converting the wrong Kanji. And they are mistakes that can be made since Japanese uses Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji, right?  

“Do you want to be serious for breakfast?” (They wanted to type “cereal”)
“I’m going to punch you soon.” (The phrase should be, “I’ll be arriving soon”)
“The meeting place is the washing machine” (They wanted to say, “We’re meeting at the KFC”).
“Finally sprinkle some spring onions cut by a genie on top to finish” (Which meant, “Finally sprinkle some minced spring onions on top to finish”  

These sentences with these typos were apparently sent out without realizing. It makes me burst out laughing.

If you look up mistakes like this, you can find lots of them. And among them are emails sent by mums of a generation that is not used to using email. [These people are] jokingly called ‘Okan’ [in the Osaka dialect]. And there was a book published about these ‘Okan’ emails. Most of the email mistakes I showed today come from these ‘Okan’ emails book and it has a lot of other funny emails in it.

I also did the same thing! I wanted to write ‘Okan’ emails but the computer changed the Kanji and it came out as ‘chilled’ emails. It was funny so I kept it as the title of this blog. When you are writing emails in Japanese, please be careful!

◆悪寒(おかん): chill

◆(~に)変換(へんかん)される: be converted into~

◆打(う)ち間違(まちが)い: typographical error; typo

◆終末(しゅうまつ): the end of the world

◆(~を)噛(か)み (き)る: bite~ off

◆死霊(しりょう): spirit of the dead; departed soul

◆イマジン: 英語の”imagine”をカタカナにしたもの

◆(~を)どつく(ど突く): hit~; punch~; jab~

◆まじん(魔神): genie

◆(~を)みじん切(ぎ)りにする: chop into~ fine pieces

◆おかん: 大阪弁(おおさかべん:Osaka dialect)で”お母さん”のこと。


Hajimemashite everyone ! My name is Akari Ueno.
I live in Tokyo with my husband and daughter. I have had the experience of living in Hokkaido, Yokohama and Singapore.
I studied History in university, so I love touring around historical ruins. When I was younger, I went to see the Great Pyramids and Borobudur in Indonesia, but now I merely tour around the neighborhood parks with my daughter. I dream of touring around the world's famous ruins with my daughter one day.

When I study languages, one English phrase always comes to mind, "Use it, or lose it". I used to be scared of making mistakes, so even when I learned new vocabulary, I didn't use it. But after learning this English phrase from a friend, I started to use the vocabulary and terms I'd learned without fear of making mistakes.

Try to use your newly learned vocabulary and phrases all the time in the lessons. Looking forward to meeting you all in class !

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