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Handheld fireworks

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Fireworks in Japan

In Japan, fireworks are an integral part of the summer festivities. There are official fireworks festivals held by local cities and municipalities as well as local summer festivals that often conclude with a small fireworks display.

In this blog for learners of Japanese, Rie Kinoi a Japanese teacher at JOI introduces some of the different types of handheld fireworks that are commonly found in Japan.

Read the blog to learn new Japanese vocabulary and also a little about Japanese culture. And listen to the YouTube video in which you can hear the Japanese read out fluently.

Handheld fireworks










Sparkler-Japanese -girl

To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video. 






Handheld fireworks

If you light the colorful paper that is wrapped around the tip of the rod, sparks fly out vigorously. The moment that the gunpowder, that is wrapped inside the paper, ignites it instantly lights up and for only several tens of seconds does the person become enlightened. This is the handheld fireworks that reminds us of summer.

These handheld fireworks flow out like a shower, and make a snapping noise and there are many types including some of that change color. This is type is not only handheld but there are some cylindrical ones which you place on the ground and light. And the fireworks spout of the cylinder just like a fountain. These are more vigorous than the handheld ones, and the lights that spout out of the cylinder draws everyone's attention. It takes a few seconds after lighting it before the fireworks start so you can really enjoy the tension too.

And then there are these sparklers which everyone has heard of and are a necessary part of each fireworks set. This firework is very thin, rather like a string. When you light these sparklers, it crackles for an instant before suddenly going quiet and a 3 millimeter lava-like ball remains at the tip of the ball. If we are to liken it to something, then it would be a water drop. If you move your hand, then this lava falls, so you focus on not shaking your hand.And when it drops onto the ground, you light the next sparkler with a bitter smile.

One sound that can be heard together with the sound of fireworks is the sound of the laughing voices of the people playing with them. And then the moment that the lava from the sparklers drop quietly feels like summer is ending. It is a slightly sad feeling. The feeling of the end of the long summer season and thinking back over the memories of the fun summer holidays. And in each heart there are different memories held inside each chest as we turn back to our daily lives.

色(いろ)とりどり・・・of various colors



点火(てんか)・・・ignition; lighting; firing

照(て)らす・・・lighten up

風物詩(ふうぶつし)・・・thing that reminds one of a particular season



噴水(ふんすい)・・・water fountain


紐(ひも)・・・string; cord

かと思(おも)うと・・・immediately after



とどまっている・・・to remain; to stay

しずく・・・drop of water; drip

苦笑(にがわら)い・・・bitter smile

とともに・・・together with

振(ふ)り返(かえ)る・・・to think back (on)


Hajimemashite, my name is Rie Kinoi. Do you know Sumo ? I love Sumo. Currently, there are many foreign Sumo wrestlers and they call speak Japanese really well. I often think that I would love to teach people to speak Japanese as naturally as they do.
I also love to travel. And I am fascinated by air, scenery, lifestyle, culture and of course languages of places that I am not familiar with. Japan has a lot of wonderful places to visit too, I'd like to introduce these to you.
Well now, you all must have various reasons and goals to study Japanese. I would like to lend support to you and help you succeed in achieving those goals. In my lessons, I will teach not only in an interesting and fun way, but also guide you to absorb a number of different topics. Lets do well together !< /p>

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