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Starting from April

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Japanese fiscal and school years

The fiscal and school years begin in April in Japan. This is the month when schools have their entrance ceremonies and companies welcome new recruits./p>

It is also the month when the cherry blossoms bloom all around the country. The image of celebrating the changes in lives and new environments is almost a cliché in Japan.

Read this interesting blog by Rie Kinoi, a Japanese teacher at JOI, focusses on this season and the changes. Read the blog to study Japanese, learn new vocabulary and Kanji and also listen to fluent Japanese in the YouTube video to practice your listening skills.

Starting from April






 冬の間眠っていた虫たちが起きて活動を開始するように、暖かい空気を感じを出す植物のように、人々も強くなっていく日差しを感じ、新しい生活へと進んでいきます。新しい生活に心躍らせている人もいれば、楽しめるだろうかという不安を感じている人もいると思います。 最初は慣れない生活にとまどうかもしれません。悩んだり、落ち込んだりするかもしれません。今までの慣れている生活に戻りたいと思うかもしれません。たぶん、みんな多かれ少なかれ、不安な気持ちはあると思います。



To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video. 




 冬(ふゆ)の間(あいだ)眠(ねむ)っていた虫(むし)たちが起(お)きて活動(かつどう)を開始(かいし)するように、暖(あたた)かい空気(くうき)を感(かん)じ芽(め)を出(だ)す植物(しょくぶつ)のように、人々(ひとびと)も強(つよ)くなっていく日差(ひざ)しを感(かん)じ、新(あたら)しい生活(せいかつ)へと進(すす)んでいきます。新(あたら)しい生活(せいかつ)に心(こころ)躍(おど)らせている人(ひと)もいれば、楽(たのし)しめるだろうかという不安(ふあん)を感(かん)じている人(ひと)もいると思(おも)います。 最初(さいしょ)は慣(な)れない生活(せいかつ)にとまどうかもしれません。悩(なや)んだり、落(お)ち込(こ)んだりするかもしれません。今(いま)までの慣(な)れている生活(せいかつ)に戻(もど)りたいと思(おも)うかもしれません。たぶん、みんな多(おお)かれ少(すく)なかれ、不安(ふあん)な気持(きも)ちはあると思(おも)います。



Starting from April

During the early days of April, you can see cherry blossoms here and there. And as the cherry blossoms start to bloom, new lives are also starting.

In Japan, new school promotions, school entrances and the entering of new companies almost all take place in April. For students, it means changing classes, or starting at new schools, and is a big change in their environment. Almost as if in celebration of the new lives, flowers bloom in various places.

Rather like bugs that had been hibernating during winter or plants that sense the warm air and put out their sprouts, people also seem to grow stronger from the sense of sunlight and proceed along with their new lives. And while there are some people who find the prospect of their new lives exciting, there are people who feel nervous about whether or not they will be able to enjoy themselves.

They may not be able to get used to their new lives and could become bewildered. They could become anxious and become depressed. They could feel that they would like to go back to the environments that they had become used to until this point. Everyone feels some nervousness, to a greater or lesser extent.

New lives start, being guided by the light of spring. New school uniforms, new bags, and new suits might not fit their bodies at first, but by the time their bodies gradually start to become familiar with them, their feelings will also start to become familiar with the new lives.

Spring is still a special season even for those for whose lives are unrelated to school and company entrances. As it gets warmer, people feel like doing things that they couldn't get to do during the winter. I often thought to myself that “This month I'll restart studying English”, but I never got around to starting but that 'this month' has come around. I've bought some English test practice problems for the purpose of studying English seriously. Watching the JOI students really trying hard I realized that daily effort is very important. I am going to start this spring too.

開花(かいか) blooming

進級(しんきゅう) promotion (school)

入学(にゅうがく) entry to school or university

入社(にゅうしゃ) entering a company

芽(め) sprout

心(こころ)躍(おど)る exciting

とまどう be bewildered

多(おお)かれ少(すく)なかれ to a greater or lesser extent (degree); more or less

馴染(なじ)む to become familiar with; to fit in

~べく for the purpose of


Hajimemashite, my name is Rie Kinoi. Do you know Sumo ? I love Sumo. Currently, there are many foreign Sumo wrestlers and they call speak Japanese really well. I often think that I would love to teach people to speak Japanese as naturally as they do.
I also love to travel. And I am fascinated by air, scenery, lifestyle, culture and of course languages of places that I am not familiar with. Japan has a lot of wonderful places to visit too, I'd like to introduce these to you.
Well now, you all must have various reasons and goals to study Japanese. I would like to lend support to you and help you succeed in achieving those goals. In my lessons, I will teach not only in an interesting and fun way, but also guide you to absorb a number of different topics. Lets do well together !< /p>

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