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Kansai Culture Day

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The Kansai area in Japan

The Kansai area is one of the main cultural and historical centers of Japan. It stretches over an area roughly in the midsection of the country.

The main two cities are the cities of Osaka and Kyoto and offer a dazzling array of different cultural experiences. If you are traveling to Japan, a trip to the Kansai region is a must.

And what better time to this that during the Kansai Culture Day season. Sakude sensei, a Japanese teacher at JOI school, lives in the Kansai area with her family. She introduces this interesting topic.

Please listen to the video and read the blog to learn some Japanese for free. The vocabulary and Kanji list are also a great help.

Kansai Culture Day




 「関西文化の日」を知っていますか。日本の祝日の「文化の日」 は11月3日ですが、「関西文化の日」は11月の第3土曜日と日曜日です。今年は11月17日と18日が「関西文化の日」ということになります




To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.


 「関西(かんさい)文化(ぶんか)の日(ひ)」を知(し)っていますか。 日本(にほん)の祝日(しょくじつ)の「文化(ぶんか)の日(ひ)」は11月(がつ)3日(みっか)ですが、「関西(かんさい)文化(ぶんか)の日(ひ)」は11月(がつ)の第(だい)3土曜日(どようび)と日曜日(にちようび)です。今年(ことし)は11月(がつ)17日(にち)と18日(にち)が「関西(かんさい)文化(ぶんか)の日(ひ)ということになります




Kansai Culture Day

Have you heard of Kansai Culture Day? Japan's Culture Day is on November 3rd but Kansai Culture Day is on the 3rd weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of November. In other words, this year it will be on November 17th and 18th .

Kansai Culture Day is a day when you can enjoy art and culture and readily come into contact with Kansai area's cultural resources. Museums, art galleries, reference libraries, and other cultural facilities can be free to enter and there are many events and concerts held.

Autumn is known as the season of art, so it is the best season to come into contact with art and culture, right? I think it would be a good idea to search out the facilities that are free and go for a day out to a place that you wouldn't usually go to.

Please use this opportunity to and come and enjoy the Kansai area!

~ということになります in other words

文化資源(ぶんかしげん) culture resource

気軽(きがる)に light‐heartedly, freely, readily

文化施設(ぶんかしせつ) cultural facilities (art galleries, tea rooms, etc.)

入場無料(にゅうじょうむりょう) admission free

触(ふ)れる feel; experience

機会(きかい)を利用(りよう)する take advantage of an opportunity


Hajimemashite! I am Sakude Emi. I live in Osaka, Japan's second largest city, with my daughters, son and my Brazilian husband. My hobby is cooking, especially dishes from around the world.

My husband and I often talk about how much misunderstanding there is in the world between individuals and between nations. We feel it is these misunderstandings that block smooth human relations. I would like to do what I can to unravel these knots of misunderstanding.

If there is anything you'd like to ask me, even if it's not connected to learning Japanese, please feel free. Let's do our best together. Ganbarou

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