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Cherry blossoms and entrance ceremonies

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Japanese school entrance ceremonies

The Japanese school year starts around the beginning of April, and ends in mid-March. At the start of the school year, it is common to have entrance ceremonies. These are formal affairs often with parents attending and taking pictures.

Eguchi sensei, one of the professional Japanese teacher at JOI, writes this easy blog to help you to learn Japanese.

Read the blog in Japanese without any Kanji help or learn some Kanji using the second version and also listen to the blog with the video to listen to fluently spoken Japanese.

Cherry blossoms and entrance ceremonies




春が来ましたね。わたしはさくらが大好きです。今年、わたしがすんでいるところでは、さくらが 咲いている間ずっと天気がよかったです。色々なところにでかけてさくらを楽しみました。




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春(はる)が来(き)ましたね。わたしはさくらが大好(だいす)きです。今年(ことし)、わたしがすんでいるところでは、さくらが咲(さ)いている間(あいだ)ずっと天気(てんき)がよかったです。色々(いろいろ)なところにでかけてさくらを楽(たの)しみました。 さくらと言(い)えば、入学式(にゅうがくしき)連想(れんそう)する日本人(にほんじん)は多(おお)いと思(おも)います。インターネットで入学式(にゅうがくしき)の画像(がぞう)検索(けんさく)すると、満開(まんかい)のさくらと新入生(しんにゅうせい)の組(く)み合(あ)わせがたくさん出(で)てきます。



Cherry blossoms and entrance ceremonies

Spring has come hasn't it. I really love sakura (cherry blossoms). This year, in the place that I live in, the weather was fine all the through the time that the sakura bloomed. I went out to various places and enjoyed the cherry blossoms.

When you talk about cherry blossoms many Japanese people associate it with entrance ceremonies. If you search the Internet for images of entrance ceremonies, many images combining new students with cherry blossoms in full bloom will appear. In my mind, there is a strong relationship between entrance ceremonies and sakura. But actually, there aren't many areas in which the season of fully-bloomed cherry blossoms overlaps with the day of the entrance ceremonies. In Kyushu where I was born, and in Kansai where I live now it is very common that on the day of entrance ceremonies, the cherry blossoms have often already fallen down, and yet in Tohoku and Hokkaido, they have not yet begun to bloom.

By the way, next year spring, my son is going to become an elementary school student. I would love to see my son become an elementary school student under fully-bloomed cherry blossoms. The flowering of sakura changes every year due to the temperature and weather, so I think to myself wouldn't it be nice if the flowering is a little late next year.

入学式 entrance ceremony

咲(さ)く  bloom

~と言(い)えば Speaking of~

連想(れんそう)する associate

画像(がぞう) picture

検索(けんさく)する search the Internet

満開(まんかい) full bloom

散る(ち)する fall


Hajimemashite everybody ! My name is Chie Eguchi. I live in Kawanishi city in Hyougo prefecture. Its about 20 minutes to Osaka station by train. It is an easy-going place with lots of fig and peach orchards.

I love reading books, and soaking in the bath while reading a book is my favorite pastime. I've been playing tennis since my university days, and although I'm a terrible player, I still play from time to time.

I have taught at Japanese language schools in Thailand, Hong Kong and Osaka. In my lessons, once you have grasped the meanings and understood the situations in which words and phrases are used, then the most important thing is to talk as much as possible. I want to help you learn Japanese in the most effective manner. Let's do this together !

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    Very nice but I wish you had given meanings of more kanjis.:(

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