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While listening to music

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While listening to music








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While listening to music

What kind of things do you do while listening to music ? Do you drive while listening to music or read a book while listening to music, or perhaps work or study while listening to music, or even cook while listening to music...there are probably a lot of things you do.

Actually, I have a problem, I cannot do anything while listening to music. When I listen to music, I use all of my nerves and cannot do any other thing. It is out of the question for me to listen to music while reading. I have to do only one or the other, either read a book or listen to music. And that is not all, when I go out for dinner at a shop with some friends, I'm bothered about the background music and cannot have a conversation with my friends. I find myself thinking, “Oh, what's the title of this song” or “this song is being played a lot recently” and “Oh no ! What bad taste in music !” and things like this all the time. And strictly speaking, I cannot really taste the dinner well.

When shopping in the supermarket, the same thing happens with the background music, I cannot focus on my shopping. And when watching TV, I care about the background music and sound effects so much that the programs contents do not go into my head. Is there anyone of you out there like me ?

But jogging is an exception. I can listen to music while running. Music in this case supports the jogging, or rather - music is necessary when I am running. I used to listen to music I could get into easily like rock music, but now I like to listen entirely to classical music. Music like Baroque music in which the melodies are regular is perfect. It puts me in a light, fresh and invigorating mood.

全神経(ぜんしんけい) all nerve

とんでもないこと  it’s out of question

厳密(げんみつ)に言(い)えば strictly speaking

味(あじ)わう taste

効果音(こうかおん) sound effects

ノリのいい曲(きょく) upbeat number

旋律(せんりつ) melody

規則(きそく)正(ただ)しい regular

すがすがしい refreshing


Mina sama Konnichiwa ! My name is Rie Imoto. I live in Nara city with my husband and daughter. Nara city is the oldest capital of Japan and there still a lot of nature remaining from the old days.

I love photography, and always walk with my camera and enjoy taking pictures of flowers, the sky, mountains, and nature. I also like running. I often run around my neighborhood. I sometimes participate in marathons. When I run, it refreshes both my mind and body and I can spend the time energetically.

When I was a child, I was very interested in foreign cultures and so, because it was in the age before the Internet, I used to enjoy exchanging letters with many people from different countries. I am so glad that we can connect with people all over the world now using the Internet. I am really looking forward to teaching you Japanese and to hear about your stories in Japanese. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

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