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Japanese literature

Japan has a rich literary culture with a large number of book publishers and periodicals. There are a number of prestigious literary prizes in the country including the Akutagawa prize and the Naoki prize. The winning books each year receive a lot of media attention and often become bestsellers.

In this blog by Yokozuka sensei, one of the Japanese teachers at JOI, we look at the list of bestselling books for 2017.

Read the Japanese sentences and check the meaning of the vocabulary from the list, and then listen to the YouTube video.






ところで、皆さん、読書は好きですか。 ある出版関係のサイトに、今年2017年のベストセラー のランキングが出ていたので、皆さんに紹介したいと思います。

第1位 九十歳。何がめでたい
第2位 ざんねんないきもの事典
第3位 蜂蜜と遠雷
第4位 日本一楽しい漢字ドリル うんこ漢字ドリル(小学1年生~小学6年生)
第5位 騎士団長殺し(第1部・第2部)





To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.



ところで、皆(みな)さん、読書(どくしょ)は好(す)きですか。 ある出版関係(しゅっぱんかんけい)のサイトに、今年2017年のベストセラーのランキングが出(で)ていたので、皆さんに紹介(しょうかい)したいと思(おも)います。

第(だい)1位(い) 九十歳(きゅうじゅっさい)。何(なに)がめでたい
第2位 ざんねんないきもの事典(じてん)
第3位 蜂蜜(はちみつ)と遠雷(えんらい)
第4位 日本一(にほんいち)楽(たの)しい漢字(かんじ)ドリル うんこ漢字ドリル(小学(しょうがく)1年生(ねんせい)~小学6年生)
第5位 騎士団長殺し(きしだんちょうごろし)(第1部(ぶ)・第2部)





This year has only a little time to left. How was the year for you ?

Incidentally, do you like reading books ? On one publications related site, there was a list of this year's bestselling books, let me introduce them to you.

The 2017 general ranking bestsellers (book title only)
No. 1 “Kyuuju sai. Nani ga medetai”
No. 2 “Zannen na ikimono jiten”
No. 3 “Hachimitsu to Enrai”
No. 4 “Nihon ichi tanoshii kanji doriru. Unko Kanji Doriru (Shougaku 1nen sei – shougaku 6 nen sei)
No.5 “Kishidan chou goroshi” (Dai ichi bu , Dai ni bu)

The number one book, “Kyuuju sai. Nani ga medetai”, is an essay written by Aiko Satou who was a writer born in 1923.
The second bestseller, “Zannen na ikimono jiten”, is an encyclopedia about various types of living things written in an interesting way. I read this one and it made me laugh a lot.
The third book, “Hachimitsu to Enrai” was the novel that won the Naoki Book Prize.
The fourth book is a Kanji writing practice book that was big hit with kids this year. If you would like to learn Kanji in a fun way, why don't you try out this book once.
The fifth book on the list is a novel by Haruki Murakami.

What were the bestselling books in your country ?

At the turn of the year, I think many people will be having a holiday. It might be a good idea to take it easy and read a book once in a while.

ベストセラー a bestseller

総合 そうごう total; synthesis

順位 じゅんい ranking

めでたい happy

事典 じてん an encyclop (a) edia

遠雷 えんらい distant thunder

騎士 きし a knight

直木賞(なおきしょう):文学賞(ぶんがくしょうliterary prize)の一つ。

年末年始 ねんまつねんし around the turn of the year

のんびり carefree; optimistic; tranquil, quiet; leisurely; easygoing


Konnichi-wa, everybody. I am originally from Ringo-no-ri in Aomori prefecture, but I am now living in Kakaa-tenka in Gunma prefecture. I've lived in several other of Japan's prefectures as well, including Niigata (which has gorgeous sunsets), Tochigi (where the Nikko Toshogu shrine is located), and Gifu (land of the famous Shirakawa-go area of historic rafter roofed houses).

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