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Summer holidays

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Nature in Japan

Japan often gets mislabeled as a major urban sprawl due to the spectacular metropoles of Tokyo and Osaka. But actually, over two thirds of the islands of Japan are covered by forests and mountains.

Shiomi sensei who is from Kobe, shows in this week's blog that there is much more to Japan than big cities.

Read this fun and easy blog to learn more Japanese for free. And listen to the video to practice your Japanese listening.

Summer holidays




夏休みに上高地に行ってきました。 上高地は北アルプスと呼ばれている長野県の山脈の間にある平野で、夏でも湿度が低く涼しいため、ハイキングや避暑地として人気がある場所です。



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夏休(なつやす)みに上高地(かみこうち)に行(い)ってきました。 上高地(かみこうち)は北(きた)アルプスと呼(よ)ばれている長野県(ながのけん)の山脈(さんみゃく)の間(あいだ)にある平野(へいや)で、夏(なつ)でも湿度(しつど)が低(ひく)く涼(すず)しいため、ハイキングや避暑地(ひしょち)として人気(にんき)がある場所(ばしょ)です。



Summer holidays

I went to Kamikochi during this summer vacation. Kamikochi is an area of plains that lies between a mountain range in Nagano prefecture known as the Northern Alps, and during the summer due to its coolness and low humidity, it is a popular summer resort and spot for hiking.

There is a river that runs through the center of Kamikochi, the water is really clear and we saw trout and Japanese char swimming in it. While walking through the forests, we saw various plants, crossed suspension bridges, and encountered monkeys. The animals must be happy to live in such a beautiful place as this, I thought to myself.

In order to preserve the beautiful nature, there is a regulation which does not allow private cars to pass through. We looked at the pretty mountain scenery, breathed in the delicious air, and walked a lot, and it felt really good.

上高地(かみこうち)  the Kamikochi highland resort of Nagano Prefecture

山脈(さんみゃく)   range of mountains

平野(へいや)     plain field

湿度(しつど)      humidity

避暑地(ひしょち)    summer resort

マス             trout

イワナ            Japanese char

吊り橋(つりばし)     suspension bridge

遭遇(そうぐう)する    encounter

一般車(いっぱんしゃ)  private passenger vehicle

通行(つうこう)する    pass through

規則(きそく)       regulation


Hajimemashite everyone,My name is Kyoko Shiomi.
I’m originally from Kobe, Hyogo prefecture. Kobe is a beautiful city that is surrounded by the sea and mountains. Himeji castle is located in Hyogo prefecture and it is the largest and the most beautiful castle in Japan. It has also been registered as a World Heritage Site.

There are many other attractive places in Japan. I would like to teach not only language, but also introduce Japanese culture and tourist spots, if you are interested. I used to live in Tokyo and London and work with people from many different parts of the world. Let´s talk a lot in Japanese and enjoy learning together! Looking forward to meeting you soon in the classroom.

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