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New Year Resolutions

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New Year Resolutions

The practice of making New Year Resolutions is an ancient one, dating back to the Babylonian and Roman empires and religions. The most popular resolutions deal with health and money including mental health, social well-being and self-improvement.

In the first teachers' blog for 2017, Someya sensei comes up with a simple yet profound quote.

Read this blog to study Japanese with the Kanji help and English translation – and perhaps you can be inspired by the message to improve yourself too! You've already started to study Japanese, so persistence is strength.

If you are going to quit, don't even start !


By SOMEYA Sachiko



しかし、そんな時にいつも思い出す言葉があります。 「辞めるなら、始めるな」これは、以前ある有名なモデルさんが、テレビのインタビューで言っていた言葉です。彼女はとても美しく、素晴らしいプロポーションを維持していますが、その彼女の信念は、美容法、食事、運動など、何でも始めた以上は必ず続けることだそうです。したがって、いつも心に「辞めるなら始めるな」という少し厳しいスローガンを持ち、簡単には始めないのだそうです。



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しかし、そんな時(とき)にいつも思(おも)い出(だ)す言葉(ことば)があります。 「辞(や)めるなら、始(はじ)めるな」これは、以前(いぜん)ある有名(ゆうめい)なモデルさんが、テレビのインタビューで言(い)っていた言葉(ことば)です。彼女(かのじょ)はとても美(うつく)しく、素晴(すば)らしいプロポーションを維持(いじ)していますが、その彼女(かのじょ)の信念(しんねん)は、美容法(びようほう)、食事(しょくじ)、運動(うんどう)など、何(なん)でも始(はじ)めた以上(いじょう)は必(かなら)ず続(つづ)けることだそうです。したがって、いつも心(こころ)に「辞(や)めるなら始(はじ)めるな」という少(すこ)し厳(きび)しいスローガンを持(も)ち、簡単(かんたん)には始(はじ)めないのだそうです。



If you are going to quit, don't even start !

The new year has begun and this could be the season where you set goals for yourself like; “Let's try that thing this year !” or “Let's give this thing a challenge!”. I am also just now reviewing the things I was unable to achieve from last year and setting up new goals.

But at this time, a certain phrase comes to mind. “If you are going to quit, don't even bother starting !” This phrase was said by a famous model in a TV interview. She is very beautiful and maintains a wonderful figure, but according to her conviction, whenever she starts something, whether it is a beauty treatment, dietary method or some exercise, she always continues it. Therefore, she always holds on to the slightly strict slogan “If you are going to quit, don't even bother starting !” in her heart when starting something so that she doesn't start things on just a whim.

It is an easy conviction to understand, but actually quite difficult to do... but by just bearing these words in mind, it makes a big difference.

When you are thinking of trying something new like a diet, some study, a job etc...take a second to stop and remember the phrase “If you are going to quit, don't even bother starting !”. Then you may come to see whether you can really continue or not. So for anyone that is currently setting goals for this year, please try this out !

挑戦(ちょうせん)する  challenge

目標(もくひょう)     sign; objective; target; mark; goal

見直(みなお)す     review、reexamine

維持(いじ)する      maintain

信念(しんねん)      strong belief、conviction

美容法(びようほう)    beauty treatment

厳(きび)しい    strict   

スローガン          shibboleth、motto、slogan、catchword

心(こころ)にとめておく  [bear] something in mind


Konnichiwa, My name is Sachiko Someya. I live in Yokohama city in Kanagawa prefecture. Yokohama is an attractive city with a lot of tourist destinations. If you ever get the chance, please come and visit. Learning a new language can bring you a lot pleasure but can also be difficult. I would like to help you to enjoy learning Japanese. Let's try hard together ! I'm looking forward to meeting up with you online.

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