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A meteor or a UFO ?

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Mystery in Japan

Japan is often seen as a mysterious country with opaque history and interesting cultures shrouded in secrecy. But in this Japanese language blog by JOI Japanese teacher Rie Imoto, there is another mystery found in Japan. Is it a UFO or could it be a meteor ? The answer is unexpected.

Read this blog to learn some Japanese for free and listen to the video, read by Imoto sensei to hear fluent Japanese.

A meteor or a UFO ?





台所で夕飯の準備をしていた私は、慌ててカメラを持ってきてシャッターを切りました。 撮った写真を拡大してみたら、光の先端に丸いのようなものが見えます。でも、この光が一体何なのか分かりません。隕石かもしれないし、もしかしたらUFOかも?と一人で興奮して、すぐにネットで調べてみました。



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隕石(いんせき)? UFO?


台所(だいどころ)で夕飯(ゆうはん)の準備(じゅんび)をしていた私(わたし)は、慌(あわ)ててカメラを持(も)ってきてシャッターを切(き)りました。 撮(と)った写真(しゃしん)を拡大(かくだい)してみたら、光(ひかり)の先端(せんたん)に丸(まる)い玉(たま)のようなものが見(み)えます。でも、この光(ひかり)が一体(いったい)何(なん)なのか分(わ)かりません。隕石(いんせき)かもしれないし、もしかしたらUFOかも?と一人(ひとり)で興奮(こうふん)して、すぐにネットで調(しら)べてみました。



A meteor or a UFO ?

In the evening sky, a mysterious light sudddenly appeared.

I was making dinner in the kitchen, and rushed to get my camera and snapped the shutter. When I enlarged the photo I'd taken and had a look, I could see a round ball-like thing at the tip of the light. But I had no idea what that light might be. “It could be a meteor or could it perhaps be a UFO?” I thought to myself, getting excited, and looked it up online.

Actually, the real nature of the strange light was an airplane track shining in the evening light. The round ball at the tip is the airplane body strongly reflecting the light at sunset. This kind of light can apparently be often observed on clear evenings in the western sky.

With the mystery solved, I felt it was a little boring, but it was a fantastic and beautiful scene.

隕石(いんせき) meteorite

突如(とつじょ) suddenly

謎(なぞ) mystery

拡大(かくだい)する to zoom

先端(せんたん) point, tip

玉(たま) ball

興奮(こうふん)する be excited

正体(しょうたい) one ́s real nature

照(て)らす to shine

飛行機雲(ひこうきぐも) airplane track

反射(はんしゃ)する to reflect

本体(ほんたい) main body, the thing itself

目撃(もくげき)するto witness, to observe

解明(かいめい)するmake 《a mystery》 clear

幻想的(げんそうてき) fantastic

光景(こうけい) scene


Mina sama Konnichiwa ! My name is Rie Imoto. I live in Nara city with my husband and daughter. Nara city is the oldest capital of Japan and there still a lot of nature remaining from the old days.

I love photography, and always walk with my camera and enjoy taking pictures of flowers, the sky, mountains, and nature. I also like running. I often run around my neighborhood. I sometimes participate in marathons. When I run, it refreshes both my mind and body and I can spend the time energetically.

When I was a child, I was very interested in foreign cultures and so, because it was in the age before the Internet, I used to enjoy exchanging letters with many people from different countries. I am so glad that we can connect with people all over the world now using the Internet. I am really looking forward to teaching you Japanese and to hear about your stories in Japanese. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

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