Speak about learning Japanese in July 2015

Learning Japanese can be difficult, especially with so many similar words and pronunciations. Yatabe sensei's free Japanese discussion event for JOI members deals with this.

And its always fun to talk about your favorite things, be they food, movies, music or places.Join Ishibashi sensei to share your views on these topics in July and enjoy to speak Japanese with other learners in a fun way.

July 2015 Chat Event Topic & Schedule

Topic: 一番好きな○○ - Your favorite ...

Date: 2015/7/27 22:00 (Japan Time)

Level: Beginner2, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate


Ishibashi sensei's remarks:


What is your favorite food ?
What is your favorite sport ?
Do you have a favorite place to go to ?
Let's talk about our favorite things !

Topic: 覚えにくい言葉(日本語) - Japanese words that are hard to remember.

Date: 2015/7/21 21:00 (Japan Time)

Level: Intermediate, Advanced


Yatabe sensei's remarks:


No matter how much you study them, there are words that are difficult to remember.
For some of them, the pronunciations are similar so we confuse them, or they are hard to say which is frustrating...
Do you have any words like that?
Well, if you do have any words that are hard to remember, then come and vent them in this free Chat Event.

The events are moderated by one of the JOI teachers and are a fun and relaxed way to enjoy learning Japanese online for free with other like-minded Japanese language learners.It's easy to attend one of these events.

  1. Login to the Reservation System.
  2. Click on the Chat Events page to see the topics and the date and time (shown in your own time zone).
  3. Reserve a Chat Event.
  4. When the date and time comes, scroll down to the bottom of the [Go to Classroom] page and click on the Chat Event Room link.