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Survival Japanese

Private Lessons:
Low Intermediate Grammar(incl. JLPT N3)
Advanced Grammar (incl.N1)


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Hajimemashite, my name is Kaori Ishibashi.
I live in Ibaraki city, in Osaka prefecture, with my husband, son and daughter.
Ibaraki city is in between Osaka and Kyoto and is in a very convenient location.
Before I was married, I went to Canada and Spain as an exchange student.
So I too love to study languages.
Since my children are still so young, I cannot readily go abroad, so I am really glad of the opportunity to communicate with people from various countries through JOI.
Let's study Japanese together.

Japanese Teaching Style

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What kinds of activities do you include in your online Japanese classes?

Low Intermediate

First of all we focus on the day's grammar point and what kind of situations that it is used in, and look at a demonstration phrase. Then we look into the meaning of the grammar point or phrase more deeply and try to use it in conversation practices. After the conversation practice, we sometimes try to solve some JLPT style questions. And finally we try to use the phrase or grammar points of the day in some free conversation. The aim is to learn to use this grammar point fluently within 50 minutes. Depending on the day, we sometimes choose a topic and engage in free conversation. Even if you are not good at talking, I will help you to enjoy making conversation in these lessons !


We try to use the day's grammar point in various conversations. The main goal is to try to talk as much as possible. Even if you do not understand how to use the phrases or grammar point, it is fine. I can help you through this. The aim is to learn the grammar point naturally while enjoying the conversations.

Advanced Grammar (incl. JLPT N1 )

Every time, we have a Japanese vocabulary quiz and review the JLPT N1 level vocabulary. After that we take a look at the two grammar points of the day. First we look at what kind of conversations that this grammar point is used in. Then we look more closely at the meaning and usage of the point. After confirming the use and some example sentences, then we try some JLPT practice questions. Finally we try to use that day's grammar point in some real conversations, and you have a go at making some sentences yourself. I look at the sentences that everyone makes and, if necessary, make some corrections. Even this is a grammar class, I really enjoy communicating with you all, so if there is time at the end, I like to use the grammar in some free conversations too !

Please share your thoughts on teaching and learning Japanese.

You can learn Japanese online at JOI, wherever you want and whatever time you want. I think that it is wonderful that we can speak and study Japanese all over the world via JOI.

I think that for people to continue studying, the study must be fun. So I really would like you to have fun in the classes and enjoy learning Japanese. And for that to happen, it is important for me to enjoy the lessons in the same. With everyone relaxing and enjoying the classes, I really enjoy the classes as well.


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Graduated from Meikai University foreign language department, Japanese language course
Completed the 420-hour course for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language at Tokyo Central    Japanese Language School
Passed the Japanese Language Teacher Proficiency Test
Worked for a Japanese language academy in Chiba city
Worked for a Japanese language academy in Kyoto city
Worked for a Japanese language academy in Osaka city

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