Basic Troubleshooting Tips

Online classes are bandwidth-heavy with audio, video and lesson slides
You need to do some things to ensure a smooth lesson experience.

1. Please do not open other browser tabs or run any background software during the lessons.
2. Is your computer a little sluggish? Restarting it before classes can iron out any glitches. 


Troubleshooting in JOI's eLecta Live classroom

If you are having any issues with audio or connection, please look through these steps.


If you are experiencing freezing please try these steps:-

1. Make sure you are not running any background programs. Turn off any email software, close web browsers etc.

2.Webcams can cause freezing. Webcams can take up a lot of bandwidth.
If you are having audio or Connection issues, turn off your camera and incoming video.
If you are using a Windows computer and experiencing freezes, the latest eLecta plug-in should help to fix the problem.

3. Reduce your connection speed.


If you cannot hear or others cannot hear you :-

1. Make sure your sound is not muted or too low.

2. Make sure your headphones are plugged in.

3. Run the Audio Wizard to adjust your speakers and microphone settings.

If you use a USB device make sure you have this plugged in before you enter the virtual room.
The audio wizard is accessible through the main toolbar in the virtual room.

Also if you are having audio or connection issues,Turn off your camera and incoming video.This will free up extra resources.

Finally, use the Audio Reconnect.


The main reason a voice appears choppy is an unstable connection.

If the current speaker has temporary connection issues, please try to reconnect your audio first.
If your connection is unstable and the speed is fluctuating then other users may hear your voice choppy.
In this case please try to improve the situation by saving bandwidth.

round-blueClose all bandwidth consuming applications and messengers.

round-blueTurn off your camera and incoming video.

round-blueReduce your connection speed.

If the problem is in your ISP however you won’t be able to do much about it.

 Some issues with Mac in the past

Some Apple products and Java have had some conflict in the past.
The latest version of the Apple OS and the latest Java version resolve these issues.

Updating the Apple OS can be done.

New Java version here.


To prevent the echo effect we suggest both you and your attendees do the following:

1. Use a headset or headphones with a microphone. Do not use speakers. Anyone with speakers will cause echo for everyone else.

2. Run the Audio Wizard and adjust your speakers and microphone volume to a normal comfortable level. Having the volume sliders to the max will cause echo.

3. Turn OFF the microphone "Boost" option if it is on.


If you cannot see your webcam image, its greyed out or showing black

round-blueMake sure the webcam is plugged in prior to joining the session.

round-blueClose any programs that are accessing the webcam before joining the eLecta Live session.(Example: Skype, Instant Messaging software, webcam software, etc)

round-blueFrom the main menu click on File - Settings - Video Settings and select the webcam from the list.Click the Test Webcam button to test your web cam.

If the steps in this article do not resolve the issue, contact eLecta Live Technical Support.

 Connection issues (please take a look at the 3 solutions below)

1.Incoming video can also be burden on your connection.

Try not to have more than 2 live video images playing at once.If you are having audio or Connection issues,Turn off your incoming live video.If your connection is slow, or you are bad connection day.

2.You can Lower your Connection Speed

★Windows using Electa original version (blue display) and Mac users  

★Windows users using Electa updated version (monochrome display)

★ Windows using Electa original version (blue display) and Mac users

Windows users, click [Audio] and [Reconnect]

Mac users, click [File] and [Reconnect]



★ Windows users using Electa updated version (monochrome display)

Click [ 。。。] and [Reconnect].


★ Windows using Electa original version (blue display) and Mac users

A) Click [File] on top left and select [Connection Speed].

B) Lower this to [Up to 1 mbps].



★ Windows users using Electa updated version (monochrome display)

A) Select [ 。。。] and [Settings and Connections].



B) Add a checkmark in "My internet is slow" setting box.