JLPT student testimonials

The JOI Final Preparation Courses are an effective way to prepare for the JLPT test.
Every year many students take these popular classes created by the dedicated team of JOI teachers!
Here are some comments from past successful JOI passers of the test!

Rebecca (US) writes...

RebeccaW-US-JLPT“ I passed the JLPT N3 exam on my first try. I highly recommend JOI's JLPT prep classes. ”

JOI has really helped me with my Japanese goals. There is no place to practice my Japanese where I live so I needed an online system to use. Thanks to JOI I was able to study Japanese on my schedule and I passed the JLPT N3 exam on my first try. I highly recommend JOI's JLPT prep classes. The teachers are all kind, patient and always willing to answer questions. JOI has exceeded all of my expectations!

Matt (UK) writes...

MatthewC-UK-JLPT“ I passed the JLPT N2 last year and the classes from JOI really helped me with my preparations for the exam and improving my Japanese in general. ”

I have taken a variety of classes with JOI and found all the teachers to be really engaging and helpful whether about the usage of a specific grammar point or about how the language is used in general.

Whilst I did a lot of self study for the N2 using the Kanzen Master books, the points I ended up feeling most comfortable with were the ones I had covered with JOI. This is because we not only worked through lots of examples of correct (and incorrect) usage and compared them to similar grammar points, but the teachers were also able to share their own personal insights into how they use the grammar / expression in their everyday lives which really helped my understanding.

The listening and reading prep classes were also great practice as even if you are strong in these areas, getting used to the question styles how to prepare for these sections of the test is skill in itself.

Whilst I am having a break from formal study and focusing on 'fun' stuff like reading and watching TV shows, if and when I decided to study for the N1 I will definitely be using JOI's prep classes to help!

Jov (Philippines) writes...

Jov-PH“ I took the JLPT N3 exam and I passed. However, I couldn’t have done it without the help of JOI’s JLPT review classes. ”

Last December 2017, I took the JLPT N3 exam and I passed. However, I couldn’t have done it without the help of JOI’s JLPT review classes. Juggling with work and learning Japanese, JOI’s review classes provided a condensed view of what to expect for the exam. Their materials were detailed and practical. It was a great tool for studying. Also, joining the classes pushed me to review more especially during those times when I feel less motivated.

Aside from the review classes, their regular classes are also fun and together with other students from different countries, classes tend to be quite interesting and informative. The senseis are also very warm and helpful, such that after every class, I feel more motivated to continue learning and improving my Japanese.

Daina (Vancouver, Canada) writes...

DainaM-CA“ I was fortunate to discover JOI.”

In 2008, while living and working in Japan, I was fortunate to discover JOI. I have been taking online lessons with JOI since then and am impressed each time I study with my online Japanese teacher. From beginner to intermediate, JOI is able to meet any students' learning needs. I really appreciate the fact I can choose to practice conversation skills if I am in the mood, or I can have a more rigorous lesson that will help me prepare for the JLPT.

I took the JLPT Level 4 proficiency test and I know how important it is to practice, prepare and plan for this test. Taking JOI lessons has helped me maintain my Japanese language skills even though I have moved back to Canada.

Thank you, JOI, for providing an educational platform that is rich in content, interesting and relevant to my learning needs.

Izak(US) writes...

Izak“ I was able to pass both JLPT N5 and N4!”

Thanks to all of the wonderful Japanese teachers at the Japanese Online Institute I was able to pass both JLPT N5 and N4. I am currently working towards JLPT N3.The teachers are extremely kind and will always help you with each question you may have.

After taking some classes with the Japanese Online Institute, I have noticed that my conversational skills have significantly increased. Recently,I had the opportunity to study abroad at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto,Japan. Although my speaking proficiency was not 100% while I was in Japan, I was able to independently survive in a completely Japanese-language environment. I can definitely say that one day I can be fluent in Japanese.

JOI teachers truthfully show students their full potential and they are giving us the tools to proceed in our study of their beautiful language. JOI is the best! I definitely intend to continue taking classes with the Japanese Online Institute.

Paul(US) writes...

Paul“ Thanks to JOI I passed my JLPT N2 and was accepted to Kyoto University!”

I really enjoy taking classes at JOI because the teachers are very friendly, always helping everyone improve their Japanese with positive, encouraging attitude, and it's fun taking classes with students from around the world, learning about each other's cultures as we learn Japanese together.

I am always having fun, smiling, and even laughing during the interesting discussions JOI's lessons engender in us international Japanese language students. I'm a big JOI fan!

Nicole(DE) writes...

sara“In 2017 I took the JLPT N5 preparation class and subsequently passed the exam.”

I think this would not have been possible without the support from the JOI teachers, given that I had only been studying Japanese for 5 months before taking the test. The teachers' patience and kindness is extraordinary, and although we were on a tight schedule, there was always time to share a short personal story or to crack a joke. What I like the most is how the teachers are able to pick out the most important grammar concepts, condense them into lessons and prepare high-quality teaching material. We even got mock tests to check our knowledge and to get used to the JLPT question style.

All of this also applies to the regular classes. Each class is self-contained, which allows me to freely mix and match lessons. I am self-employed, and I often travel to my clients or to conferences, therefore I cannot attend a regular weekly class at a local school because I would probably miss it most of the time. With JOI, I can pick the lessons that suit my schedule, and I can even take lessons while I'm travelling!

Sara-PT(2018) writes...

sara“These lessons extensively cover all areas of the JLPT.”

I have been studying Japanese for many years with JOI and when the JLPT season comes around I always look forward to the preparation courses. When I decided to take the JLPTN2, I attended many of the preparation lessons. These lessons extensively cover all areas of the JLPT (reading, vocabulary/ kanji, listening, and grammar). The schedule for the preparation course together with what will be studied on that particular lesson is released a few weeks before the first class, this is extremely helpful as I could arrange my time accordingly and create a more efficient study plan.

The lesson environment is very supportive, the teachers not only take the time to explain grammar points and the small differences between them, but also other necessary skills like time management during the exam.

I have now started taking N1 grammar lessons and I'm looking forward to improving my Japanese skills with the help of JOI. 今後とも宜しくお願いします!

Tanya(Ecuador) writes...

Tanya“JOI is perfect!”

I joined to cover some knowledge before starting to study for the JLPT N2. We choose the lesson according to the schedule and level. Teachers are very nice and serious, therefore we learn and enjoy.

When I came to live in Japan, I learned other structures for N2, but still to clarify some knowledge or prepare to the next level, I’m willing to continue joining the JOI classes. At flex lessons, we have the class with learners from all over the world, so we can learn about other cultures or way of thinking too.

Anya(HK) writes...

anya“I felt my Japanese skills and listening ability had improved significantly during that three months.”

In September 2016, I decided to challenge myself by undertaking JLPT 2 examination. And enrolled in JOI’s preparation class. Initially I felt I would fail as the grammar, reading, etc all were more difficult than expected. I still remember the sample readings using during in the classes were full of new words and I could hardly understand the questions asked at the end of the paragraph, not to mention listening to the conversation. As expected, I got most of the answers wrong in the mock exams during the classes. Luckily, the preparation course was very comprehensive and structured which cover all aspects of the examination. In addition, the teachers were extremely experienced and supportive that they never made me feel embarrassed of my mistakes. The teachers also provided a lot of advice on understanding the exam questions and grasping the meaning and key messages of a long essay.

After the three months’ intensive study, I finally passed the examination. And I felt my Japanese skills and listening ability had improved significantly during that three months.

If any of you are considering taking up JLPT examination, I would highly recommended JOI’s preparation courses.

Qiao Dan(China) writes...

qiao“Thanks to JOI, I passed the JLPT N1 ! Thank you to my teachers !”

At first I took mainly conversation classes at JOI. When I usually speak in Japanese, I am not sure whether my Japanese is correct or not so I was often embarrased to speak it. In the lessons, I was able to talk freely. And the teacher would correct the areas I made mistakes in. I also could take classes with people from various countries so the conversations were interesting and fun.

From September, I started to study for the JLPT N1 test using the JLPT Final Preparation Course classes. I really did pass the JLPT thanks to these classes. I started the classes in September and was not absent for a single class. I took the classes and after each class I reviewed what we had studied. By doing only this, I was able to pass. I didn't do any other studying apart from these classes (its not a good way, I know, but I really didn't have time for anything else). I had originally studied JLPT N3 grammar, but I hadn't studied the JLPT N2 grammar. So from September I started to take the JLPT N2 grammar classes too.

The JOI classes are a relaxing time for me. After starting these classes, I came to think that studying was fun. The teachers are kind too. I really like the JOI classes, so even after passing the JLPT N1, when I have time, I continue to take the classes. I want to improve my Japanese more.

If you want to improve your Japanese, I recommend the JOI classes for you.

Dan(US) writes...

dan-jlpt“I cannot think of a better place to study Japanese or for the JLPT than JOI. ”

I started taking classes with JOI to help me pass the JLPT N5 and I can say without a doubt, the reason for me passing the N5 last year was because of the lessons I took at JOI. I am now currently taking classes to prepare for the N4.

Classes at JOI are amazing. The teachers are excellent, very friendly, and they are amazingly patient. The many classes (beyond just JLPT review) that are offered are well taught and are very reasonably priced. With the added bonus of flexibility, there is no good reason not to study at JOI. If you ever wanted to learn Japanese, there is really no excuse now with JOI.

がんばって! [Ganbatte!] (Good Luck!)

Julie (France) writes...

jlpt-julie“I passed the N2 last year ....I passed N1 the following year!"

When it came to studying for the N2, I found the JLPT lessons at JOI to be a wonderful addition to my regular textbook studies.

It was agreat way to see all these new grammar structures in different contexts and drilling into nuances with the (invaluable) help of the teacher. In general I found the lessons intense and got a lot out of them, both in terms of new knowledge and getting used to the exam's format and tricks.

Like other JOI lessons, the environment is always supportive, fun and motivating. And of course since everything is in Japanese, it's also good for one's listening skills. I passed the N2 last year and look forward to signing up for the N1 preparation course next - I know it will help!

*JOI is proud to announce that Julie passed the JLPT N1 the next year.

Megan (Canada) writes...

megan-jlpt“Taking JOI's JLPT N5 prep classes was 100% worth it!”

I had alreadystudied much of the grammar covered on the test, but the prep classes really helped me consolidate my understanding and pointed out the areas that I needed to improve.

It was very valuable to be able to ask questions about difficult points and receive guidance on what to study, since it can be overwhelming to review everything on one's own. The opportunity to work through questions in the format of the actual JLPT was also extremely helpful. And finally, the instructor made it fun!

I enjoyed talking with her each week and appreciated her commitment to helping me do well on the test. Thank you!

Sara-PT writes...

jlpt-student-sara“I took the JLPTN3 preparation classes in 2014 and I don't think I could have passed without them.”

The teachers not only take the time to teach you the important grammar points and the small differences between them, but also other necessary skills like time management during the exam.

I'm still learning and I make many mistakes but taking the JOI classes gave the confidence to use the Japanese language in any situation.

Katharine (USA) writes...

jlpt-student-katharine“These classes were a helpful, affordable and convenient complement to my JLPT preparation and I believe they were an important factor in helping me to pass the N3. ”

When I decided to attempt the JLPT N3, I took weekly JLPT prep classes at JOI for the months leading up to the test.

These classes not only allowed me to practice and test myself on a lot of the grammar, vocabulary and kanji for the test level, but also to get ample exposure to the type of questions I could expect on the test, all with feedback from teachers when I got something wrong or there was something I didn’t understand.

I would recommend them to anyone preparing to take the JLPT. Many thanks to the patient, caring teachers at JOI!

Judy-US writes...

“JOI’s JLPT Preparation Course helped me passed my JLPT N2 exam!”

I have been taking JOI’s Online Group Lessons for over 2 years. JOI’s online classes are both convenient and professional. Due to my sporadic work schedule, I was not able to attend regular Japanese lessons in person.

In the beginning, I was skeptical of online language classes, thinking that the lessons will only cover general and superficial topics. Boy, was I wrong! JOI’s teachers are professional yet friendly and their highly structured lessons help students focus on their weak areas while building vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

This is especially true for their JLPT Prep Course. Only after taking a few lessons, the teachers were able to hone in on my weaknesses. JOI’s teachers patiently helped me overcome my repeated and careless errors while consistently motivated me to keep learning new material.

I cannot thank JOI’s teachers enough. Not only did JOI’s JLPT Prep Course exceed my expectations, the prep classes formed the foundation of my N2 studies and ultimately, helped me passed my JLPT N2 Exam in 2014.

TaraE-US writes...

I took JOI's JLPT N4 prep lessons before my second try at the N4. After a lot of hard work and great teaching, I had greatly improved my grammar knowledge, comprehension, and vocabulary, and I was able to pass! The teachers are patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. If you want some help getting ready to take the JLPT, I would definitely recommend taking JOI's course to prepare.

Claudette (AU) says...


“I would recommend the JLPT lessons for anyone who wishes to take the 'Nihongo no nouryokushiken' exam.”

I live in Japan and I hate travelling on the trains during 'peak hour' to go to a Japanese language school. So I thought I would try studying Japanese online. I recently completed the new trial JLPT exam and I was confident in passing because the JOI lessons covered the same content as in the exam. I have been very happy with JOI lessons because they have been very informative and structured. I will continue my studies next year with JOI and prepare for my next level of the JLPT.

Christina-GR says...


"The human approach to teaching the language is what makes this online course so special
The Senseis make all the difference.They make classes easy yet efficient."

Hello , my name is Christina. I studied Japanese 2 years at the University before enrolling at JOI.As a proud holder of the 4kyu (2009) and N4 (2010), I decided to give it a try at the relatively new and unknown N3 JLPT in Dec 2011.Many of you already know that there is no official Kanji/Grammar list for this exam. N3 is like "the ugly duckling" of the JLPT ^_^
Surfing on the internet, trying to find any useful information about this "obscure" exam, I came across the N3 JLPT Final Prep Course at

The N3 JLPT Final Prep Course gave me the opportunity to simulate a real time exam. Every lesson was a new challenge.
Most students don't even have the time to finish reading the texts and just try to guess the correct answers.
The reading comprehension classes helped me improve my reading skills ,allowing me to double check all my answers before handing out the paper

I would definitely recommend this course to all students who want to take the exam this December.
The human approach to teaching the language is what makes this online course so special
The Senseis make all the difference.They make classes easy yet efficient.
I was looking forward to each class every week.

I would like to once again express my gratitude to all my Senseis for being patient and understanding with me ^_^

Michael-PH says...

I'm so happy to be learning Japanese online at JOI, because it gives me the opportunity to practice my Japanese everyday. With the tensaku and listening quiz, learning Japanese is even more fun and enjoyable. Thanks to JLPT classes at JOI, I can prepare myself very well for the JLPT exams in a short period of time, which is almost unimaginable especially when you're not living in Japan. みなさん、どうもありがとうございます。

Meru US writes...

meru“JOI's JLPT 2 classes are the best classes I have ever taken.”

The structure and the depth of the lessons thoroughly prepare you for the JLPT. I have been studying Japanese for 2 years. Through JOI I see much more improvement in my Japanese skills than I had before that.

I always enjoy the classes and teachers, and I feel very excited and enthusiastic about learning Japanese after taking a class. JOI is definitely an asset in improving my Japanese skills, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Ye(US) writes...

ye“JOI helps students prepare for the JLPT test”

(1) Convenience – JOI has great coverage for students around the world with its teachers in different regions. You can schedule lessons based on your own time zone and level.

(2) Cost – The group lesson is a unique opportunity that isn't offered anywhere else. It significantly lowers the cost for all students.

(3) Practicing conversation – Being able to have a face-to-face session with the teachers makes a huge difference when learning a language.

(4) Specialty – I personally really like the imitation classes hosted by Kumiko-sensei and it is such a great way to repetitively practice your listening, speaking, grammar, and translation all at the same time. JOI also helps students prepare for the JLPT test, if that is your goal.

(5) Learning for all levels – JOI clearly defines classes for students at any level. I started from beginner level 1. You can conveniently track your own progress on the website.

(6) Trial lessons – JOI has a trial program and you can get 3 group lessons for $9. This was how I got started using JOI, and without this option, I might not chosen to use JOI. This is a wonderful feature and makes sure that the student is comfortable. I have confidence that anyone who has tried JOI has loved it.

(7) Meeting sensei in person – The teachers from JOI are all very nice! I had a chance to meet Itaya-sensei and her husband when went to Sapporo. They were so friendly and it was truly a memorable trip. It was also the first time I could speak and understand some Japanese after a few months of learning, which was extremely exciting.

Lara(US) writes...

Lara“Thanks to JOI's help, I was finally able to pass JLPT N1!”

I had taken the test once before and studied on my own, but I still did horribly on practice tests. I needed help with commonly-tested items and test taking strategies. I shared this with staff, and I took private lessons for about 2 months before the test. My teacher had a great personality and was really skilled in putting together helpful and challenging lesson materials. I also liked how students receive each lesson's notes by email to study later; this was very helpful. The trial lesson system was also great: I could choose which classes and which teacher I liked best, for a reasonable price.

In addition to the teachers, JOI staff were always helpful and quick to respond to any of my questions. The large number of lessons offered made it easy to find time slots that fit my schedule. I'm extremely satisfied with my experience!"

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