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日本一早い桜  The earliest cherry blossoms in Japan




ikeda blog 14-2-1






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★Kanji with hiragana







★English Translation


The earliest cherry blossoms in Japan

The Okinawa cherry blossom season has begun a little earlier than in other places. In Okinawa, cherry blossoms start to bloom around late January. And when we talk about the Okinawa cherry blossoms, we generally mean the Taiwan cherry variety.  There are some points that make the Taiwan cherry blossoms different from the Yoshino cherry blossoms which are often seen in Honshu and other areas.

 First of all, they are a different color. The Taiwan cherry gives a dark pink blossom whereas the Yoshino cherry flower petals are whitish in color.
Also, conditions of the timing of their blooms are different. The Taiwan cherry blossoms tend to have a predisposition to bloom when it becomes colder. Therefore they bloom comparitively earlier in the northern and colder areas first and gradually this spreads down southwards. The Yoshino cherry starts to bloom in the warmer southern areas first.

 Cherry blossoms blooming in February feels a little strange, but the fact that Japan is a long country that spans from north to south, makes this one of the beauties that can be enjoyed here.



★This week's vocabulary

一足早(ひとあしはや)く little earlier than the others

緋寒桜(ひかんざくら) Taiwan cherry. One species of cherry blossom

本州(ほんしゅう) the largest island of Japan

ソメイヨシノ Yoshino cherry. One species of cherry blossom

濃(こ)いピンク色(いろ) pink-red

条件(じょうけん) condition

性質(せいしつ)がある have the predisposition to

比較的(ひかくてき) relatively

慣(な)れない感(かん)じ feel strange

南北(なんぼく)に長(なが)い long from north to south

味(あじ)わえる enjoy (the beauty)

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  • Laura says #
    先生、 おもしろい ブログエントリーは ありがとうございます。ちょっと 質問があります。来週に夫と一緒に 九州に 旅行に行きます。三週間の旅です。三月は九州では桜もう咲くはずですか?桜を見られるようにどこに行ったらいいでしょうか? ローラ
  • Ikeda says #
    ローラさん、コメントありがとうございます。 来週から3週間の九州旅行ですか。楽しみですね。 桜の開花予想を見ると、九州では3月21日ごろから咲き始めるようです。 (「九州地
  • Ikeda says #
    Mosesさん、コメントありがとうございます。 沖縄の北部には桜のトンネルもあり、とても綺麗でした。