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Dinosaur museum

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Museums in Japan

Museums in Japan developed from the late 19th century towards the end of the Edo period. According to a 2005 survey by the Ministry of Education there are over 5,600 museums in Japan today.

Many of the museums are funded by city governments or prefectural governments. This allows for large budgets and impressive architecture and collections.
Momoki sensei, one of the Japanese teachers at JOI, went to one of the most exciting and spectacular museums in the country – perhaps in the world !

Read this Japanese language learners blog and watch the fun and informative video as well.

Dinosaur museum







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Dinosaur museum

Since the National Museum of Nature and Science held their dinosaur exhibition in the 1960s, the popularity of dinosaurs has been gradually spreading, but this 2015's summer, partly due to the boost of the movie “Jurassic Park”, has been a banner year in which dinosaur exhibitions are being held across a number of cities.

Among these, I went to see the best exhibition in Japan, correction, one of the World's Three Great Dinosaur Museums which was the Fukui Prefecture Dinosaur Museum ! The atmosphere inside the museum was created in moody style just like the dinosaur world of ancient times that made you feel like you'd slipped back in time and you were greeted by moving dinosaurs and restored skeletons.
And next door, there's the Katsuyama Dinopark which was newly opened this year, which gives you a glimpse of a world just like the dinosaurs lived in, and its so real it makes little children burst out into tears one after another.

Anyhow, it is a place so full of romance that even if someone who is not interested in dinosaurs comes, they'll find themselves lost in a dreamy world of dinosaurs for a whole day here.

恐竜(きょうりゅう) dinosaur

博物館(はくぶつかん) museum

国立科学博物館(こくりつかがくはくぶつかん) National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo

展(てん) exhibition

公開(こうかい) publication


開催(かいさい) take place

当(あ)たり年(どし)banner year

日本一(にほんいち)be the best in Japan

世界三大恐竜博物館(せかいさんだいきょうりゅうはくぶつかん)World's Three Great Dinosaur Museums

古代(こだい)ancient times

タイムスリップslip back in time to

ムーディー moody

復元骨格(ふくげんこっかく)restoration skeleton

垣間(かいま)見(み)る give a glimpse into

号泣(ごうきゅう)するwail hysterically

続出(ぞくしゅつ)appear one after another




Konnichiwa everyone ! My name is Yuko Momoki and I live in Yamanashi prefecture which is famous for peaches and grapes and is the gateway to Mount Fuji. I have a lively family of 5, consisting of my husband, 2 sons, my mother and myself and we live in an environment surrounded by nature.

Up to now, I have taught Japanese to people from various countries and we have laughed together, worried together, gotten angry and at times spent time together that was often more intense and fun than the time spent with good friends.

When I think about how I will be able to spend the wonderful time that we have to share together...well my heart just pounds! I will try to make sure that we succeed in progressing your Japanese together, douzo yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu.

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