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Dental checkups in Japan

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Dentists in Japan

Japanese health insurance covers up to 70% of the cost of health treatments, which include dental health and dental checkups.

There are a large number of dentists in Japan, and choosing the one to suit your needs can be a trial and error process.

The competition is high and there are always new dental clinics opening up, so dentists in Japan often try to stay in touch with the latest developments in dental technology, although this may differ from city to city.

The typical dental office is usually a one-man operation, with the dentist employing several dental hygienists to help with the mundane work like teeth cleaning, x-rays etc. while the dentist can rotate between several patients at once.

Kamiyama sensei explains her dental experience in this Japanese learner's blog. You can read the two versions, with Kanji hints and without to help you learn Japanese online and also listen and watch to the YouTube video attached to this audio blog.

Dental checkups in Japan




みなさんは年に何回、歯医者へ行きますか? 私は自分の誕生月に歯科検診を受けることにしています。

毎年の歯科検診ではほめられたことがありません。 食後にしっかり歯みがきしているつもりですが、歯ブラシの届きにくい奥歯の裏などをもっと丁寧にみがくように注意されます。

大学生のころ、親知らず虫歯になってしまって、歯を抜いたときの痛みは忘れられません。 親知らずは前から8番目の歯です。 大人になってから生える人もいれば、まったく生えない人もいます。 乳歯とは違い、この歯の生え始めを親が知ることはないことから、親知らずというのだそうです。


To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.


みなさんは年(ねん)に何回(なんかい)、歯医者(はいしゃ)へ行(い)きますか? 私(わたし)は自分(じぶん)の誕生月(たんじょうづき)に歯科検診(しかけんしん)を受(う)けることにしています。

毎年(まいとし)の歯科検診(しかけんしん)ではほめられたことがありません。 食後(しょくご)にしっかり歯(は)みがきしているつもりですが、歯(は)ブラシの届(とど)きにくい奥歯(おくば)の裏(うら)などをもっと丁寧(ていねい)にみがくように注意(ちゅうい)されます。

大学生(だいがくせい)のころ、親(おや)しらず虫歯(むしば)になってしまって、歯(は)を抜(ぬ)いたときの痛(いた)みは忘(わす)れられません。 親(おや)知らずは前(まえ)から8番目(ばんめ)の歯(は)です。 大人(おとな)になってから生(は)える人(ひと)もいれば、まったく生(は)えない人(ひと)もいます。 乳歯(にゅうし)とは違(ちが)い、この歯(は)の生(は)え始(はじ)めを親(おや)が知(し)ることはないことから、親(おや)知らずというのだそうです。


Dental checkups in Japan

How often do you go to have a dental checkup ? Personally, I always go during my birthday month.

I've never been praised during my annual dental checkup. I try to regularly brush after meals and take care to brush the underside of my back teeth carefully, where its hard for the toothbrush to reach.

I can never forget the pain of having my wisdom teeth removed due to cavities when I was a university student. The Wisdom teeth is the 8th teeth from the front. There are some people for whom these teeth grow out after they reach adulthood, whereas for some people they do not grow out at all. Unlike with milk teeth, one's parents do not usually know that these Wisdom teeth have grown out, which is why they are known as 'Oya Shirazu' in Japanese ( meaning 'one's parents don't know' ). I would like my teeth to be healthy and 'not know' about cavities and tooth decay as well!

歯医者(はいしゃ)   dentist

歯科検診(しかけんしん)dental checkup

歯みがき(はみがき)をする I brush my teeth

歯ブラシ(はぶらし) toothbrush

奥歯(おくば) back tooth

親しらず(おやしらず) wisdom tooth

虫歯(むしば) bad tooth

歯を抜く(はをぬく) extract a tooth

乳歯(にゅうし) milk tooth

歯が生える(はがはえる)cut a tooth

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