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Japanese prefectural beauty ranking

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47 prefectures of Japan

Japan is split into 47 prefectures and these are often a source of conversation and media focus.
They include 43 proper prefectures, two urban prefectures (Osaka and Kyoto), one territory (Hokkaido) and one metropolis (Tokyo).
Japanese media loves to find differences between the prefectures and make TV programs or radio conversations surrounding these.

In this blog by Japanese teacher, Ayako Suzuki introduces her own prefecture which has had some bad news this year.
Read the blog below and study Japanese for free. And listen to the blog being read out loud on the YouTube video.

Japanese prefectural beauty ranking








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Japanese prefectural beauty ranking

There are 47 prefectures in Japan, and every year each of these prefectures is surveyed and ranked according to their “charm or beauty” and this ranking is announced. In the 2020 survey, when all of the prefectures in the country were ranked according to beauty, Hokkaido came out on top, the second was Kyoto urban prefecture, and the third was Okinawa prefecture. Hokkaido has held the top spot for 12 years running.

However, the talk has not been about the top-ranked prefectures but more about the Ibaragi prefecture which has been the worst ranked for 7 years in a row but has risen to 42nd position. There have been various media outlets that have been introducing the charms and beauty of relegated Ibaragi and also Tochigi prefecture which has replaced it at the bottom of the table.

I live in this year’s worst-ranked, Tochigi prefecture. Tochigi prefecture has a famous sight-seeing spot Nikko, and has a lot of tourists as well. And many Tochigi prefecture people are surprised and many have been heard saying, “How come we’ve been ranked bottom?” And there have been opinions saying, “it’s the name Tochigi that’s the problem. What if we change it to Nikko Prefecture?”

It’s funny how the attention has been more on the lowest ranks rather than on the highest ranks isn’t it?!

魅力(みりょく)  charm; fascination; glamour; attraction; appeal

上位(じょうい)  superior (in rank); top; ranking

最下位(さいかい)  last place; lowest position; lowest rank

脱出(だっしゅつ)する  escape

改名(かいめい)  change of name



Konnichiwa. My name is Ayako Suzuki.
I live in Tochigi prefecture with my husband and two children. Tochigi has two towns that are very popular tourist attractions; Nikko, which is famous for its World Heritage shrine and its wonderful nature, and Mashiko which is famous for its pottery. Its only two hours by train from Tokyo, so if you get that chance, please come and visit Tochigi.
Through the language of Japanese, I am happy to and looking forward to meeting you all. Lets study Japanese together.

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