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How to make Spice Curry

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Did you know that Japanese people love curry?

It seems contradictory, Japanese cuisine is one of the least spicy food types, but perhaps because of the difference of tastes, Japanese people love to eat something spicy sometimes.

There are many curry shops in Japan, some run by Indian, Pakistani, and Nepalese chefs, but more recently, many run by Japanese curry enthusiasts. In this food culture, there has been a new fad in Japanese cuisine and that is called Spice Curry.

In this week's blog, Ms. Megumi Ogura a Japanese teacher at JOI writes about her own experience with Spice Curry.

Read the blog to learn new Kanji and vocabulary and also listen to the blog to practice your Japanese listening.

Making Spice Curry


By Ogura Megumi


 みなさん、スパイスカレーを作ったことがありますか。  日本で「カレー」といえばカレールーを使ったものが定番ですが、スパイスカレーとはクミンやコリアンダー、ターメリックなど色々なスパイスを混ぜて作る南アジアのカレーのことです。 最近家で料理をすることが増えたので、これを機にずっと前から試してみたかったスパイスカレーに挑戦してみました。ですが、いざやってみたら、とても難しくておどろきました。





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 みなさん、スパイスカレーを作(つく)ったことがありますか。  日本(にほん)で「カレー」といえばカレールーを使(つか)ったものが定番(ていばん)ですが、スパイスカレーとはクミンやコリアンダー、ターメリックなど色々(いろいろ)なスパイスを混(ま)ぜて作(つく)る南(みなみ)アジア風(ふう)のカレーのことです。 最近(さいきん)家(いえ)で料理(りょうり)をすることが増(ふ)えたので、これを機(き)にずっと前(まえ)から試(ため)してみたかったスパイスカレーに挑戦(ちょうせん)してみました。ですが、いざやってみたら、とても難(むずか)しくておどろきました。




Making Spice Curry

Have you ever made Spice Curry? In Japan when people talk curry, the standard type is curry made using curry roux blocks, but Spice Curry is an South Asian style curry made by mixing spice like cumin, coriander, turmeric etc.  

Japanese-style curry is so easy that there is a saying, “Even if you can’t cook you can at least make curry” all you have to do is cut the ingredients, stir-fry them and add water and the curry roux blocks. On the other hand, with Spice Curry, to get the mixture of the flavours of the spices, salt, and ingredients to get to just the right taste, you have to be careful about the amounts, the heat level, the timing, and a lot of other things. For someone like me who isn’t familiar with spices, it all seemed really difficult. And at the same time, I felt that Spice Curry is a well-thought-out cuisine that has roots in cultures in which cooking with spices is ingrained.

And inspired making spice curry, I found myself watching a documentary on Indian cuisine. And there I came to find out that the word ‘curry’ is not an Indian word in the first place (the word was made by the English), and was really surprised. When cooking foreign food, you get to learn the culture deeper and get to know the history which is really interesting.

PS. If anyone knows the knack of how to make good Spice Curry, please let me know!

定番(ていばん)standard; classic


これを機(き)に using this opportunity


材料(ざいりょう)ingredient; material

炒(いた)める  to stir-fry

一方(いっぽう) on the other hand

具材(ぐざい) ingredient; material

旨味(うまみ) delicious taste

味付(あじつ)け seasoning

分量(ぶんりょう) amount

火加減(ひかげん) heat level

知識(ちしき) knowledge

それと同時(どうじ)に at the same time

根付(ねづ)く be ingrained; take root

考(かんが)え抜(ぬ)かれた well-thought-out

〜に関(かん)する about〜

奥深(おくぶか)さ depth

コツ tip


Konnichiwa, My name is Megumi Ogura. I live in Ehime prefecture. Ehime has a lot of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons and you can eat them all year round. Also, we are surrounded by the Inland Sea so you can catch delicious fish in the nearby sea (I also go fishing once in a while). It is a place that is blessed with nature and a very relaxing spot, so if you ever get a chance, please come to visit.

I love getting to know about different countries, places and cultures. I would like to support you in your Japanese learning but not only that, I would also like to hear about your country and culture.

Please let me know all about them in the classes. Let's enjoy studying Japanese together!

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