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Teas in PET bottles

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Tea in Japan

Tea is popular all over the world and is drunk daily in many countries and cultures. Japan is no exception.

In the UK, when people say “tea”, we usually mean black tea. But in Japan if someone says "tea" without specifying the type, they mean green tea.

There are many types of tea on sale in Japan though and in this blog by one of our Japanese teachers, Noriko Yokozuka, she talks about the trouble this can cause when you are shopping.

Read the blog in Japanese and study the Kanji and vocabulary. Then listen to the YouTube video too to practice your Japanese listening and speaking skills.

Teas in PET bottles




 最近、スーパーやコンビニへ行くと思うことがあります。 それは、ペットボトルのお茶の種類がとても多いなあということです。 緑茶、ほうじ茶、麦茶、紅茶、ウーロン茶などのメジャーなお茶だけでなく、ジャスミンティー、ルイボスティー、ブレンド茶やコレステロール対策のお茶など、本当にたくさんの種類が店頭に並んでいます。
特に緑茶は、メーカーごとに様々なタイプの緑茶が発売されていて、緑茶だけでいったい何種類あるのか分かりませんが、やはりそれぞれ味が違うので、買う時に迷ってしまうほどです。 今年の夏は麦茶をよく買いました。麦茶はたくさん飲むので、買う時は容量で選びました。 ちなみに緑茶を買う時は味で選びます。私の一押しは「生茶」という緑茶です。

 ペットボトルのお茶は備蓄用としても買いますが、普段用でもよく買います。便利で気軽に買えますが、種類が多くてなかなか決められないのが唯一の難点です。 みなさんのお住まいのところでは、どんなおいしいお茶が買えますか?


To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.


 最近(さいきん)、スーパーやコンビニへ行(い)くと思(おも)うことがあります。 それは、ペットボトルのお茶(ちゃ)の種類(しゅるい)がとても多(おお)いなあということです。 緑茶(りょくちゃ)、ほうじ茶、麦茶(むぎちゃ)、紅茶(こうちゃ)、ウーロン茶などのメジャーなお茶だけでなく、ジャスミンティー、ルイボスティー、ブレンド茶やコレステロール対策(たいさく)のお茶など、本当(ほんとう)にたくさんの種類が店頭(てんとう)に並(なら)んでいます。
特(とく)に緑茶は、メーカーごとに様々(さまざま)なタイプの緑茶が発売(はつばい)されていて、緑茶だけでいったい何種類あるのか分かりませんが、やはりそれぞれ味(あじ)が違(ちが)うので、買(か)う時(とき)に迷(まよ)ってしまうほどです。 今年(ことし)の夏(なつ)は麦茶をよく買いました。麦茶はたくさん飲むので、買う時は容量(ようりょう)で選(えら)びました。 ちなみに緑茶を買う時は味で選びます。私(わたし)の一押し(いちおし)は「生茶(なまちゃ)」という緑茶です。

 ペットボトルのお茶は備蓄用(びちくよう)としても買いますが、普段用(ふだんよう)でもよく買います。便利(べんり)で気軽(きがる)に買えますが、種類が多くてなかなか決(き)められないのが唯一(ゆいいつ)の難点(なんてん)です。 みなさんのお住(す)まいのところでは、どんなおいしいお茶が買えますか?

Teas in PET bottles

There's a thought that I have when I go to supermarkets and convenience stores recently. And its that, 'There are a lot of types of teas in PET bottles'. The most standard types are green tea, hojicha (roasted green tea), barley tea, black tea, and Oolong tea among others, but you can also see Jasmine tea, rooibos tea, blended tea, and cholesterol-reducing teas as well. There are really so many teas lined up in stores.
Especially green tea, every maker has several types of green tea, so much so that I wonder how many types of green tea there are, and because each one has a different taste, I find myself indecisive when it comes to buying one. This summer I often bought barley tea. I drink a lot of barley tea, so when I buy it, I make my choice based on quantity. Incidentally, when I buy green tea, I make my choice based on taste. My recommendation is a type of green tea known as “Namacha” or fresh tea.

I often buy tea in PET bottles for storing but I also buy it for normal use. It's convenient and can be bought freely but the only difficult point is the fact that there are so many types which makes it difficult to choose. What kind of delicious drinks do you have where you live.

・コレステロール cholesterol

・対策(たいさく) measures, a step

・店頭(てんとう) store; storefront

・容量(ようりょう) capacity

・一押し(いちおし) recommendation;highly recommended

・備蓄(びちく) storage; storing

・唯一(ゆいいつ) only

・難点(なんてん) difficult point; crux; hard point to settle


Konnichi-wa, everybody. I am originally from Ringo-no-ri in Aomori prefecture, but I am now living in Kakaa-tenka in Gunma prefecture. I've lived in several other of Japan's prefectures as well, including Niigata (which has gorgeous sunsets), Tochigi (where the Nikko Toshogu shrine is located), and Gifu (land of the famous Shirakawa-go area of historic rafter roofed houses).

I myself am studying Chinese, so I can really relate to the difficulty of learning a foreign language. But still, if we can get past that step and feel the excitement of having just a single word understood, the feeling of satisfaction that comes from communication is, no pun intended, beyond words. I'd like to invite everyone who visits our online Japanese school with the thought "I want to speak Japanese!" to join my classes. Until the day when you can say confidently, "I did it, I learned how to speak Japanese!", I promise to do my best to help you in your Japanese language studies.

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    I have learned a lot with this text, thank you very much! Greetings from Brazil!

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