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Thank you to everyone

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Essential businesses and non-essential businesses

During this time there is a lot of discussion about essential businesses and non-essential businesses. The types of work that fit into each category differ from country to country and even from state to state.

But in this blog by a Japanese language teacher, she gives thanks to all those putting their lives and health at risk to provide services to us.

Read this heartfelt expression of gratitude and learn some new Japanese vocabulary and phrases. Yatabe sensei reads the blog herself – so you can listen to fluent Japanese, which helps if you are studying for the JLPT or any other test.

Watch the YouTube video to practice listening.

Thank you to everyone


By YATABE Kumiko





To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.





Thank you to everyone

Every day, the news is mainly about the Novel Coronavirus topic. There are a lot of depressing stories, so for this time's blog theme I thought about looking for a different topic but I remembered that there was one thing that I would like to write about.

First of all, I would like to say thank you very much to all the healthcare workers all around the world, I would like to express gratitude to them for all their hard work. I can only imagine how anxious their family members must feel sending them off to work. I often use the bus so I would like to say thanks to the bus drivers who give rides to so many people and I would like to tell them to really take care. There are many places like supermarkets where they have set up a clear vinyl sheet between the clerks and the customers at the register. Even so, the staff must feel uneasy about coming into contact with so many people. And then since many shops have closed, the amount of people using online shopping has increased. So the delivery field of work has become busier and busier.

These are just some examples. Not every job can be done remotely. I have come to realize that it is thanks to people like this who do their jobs, even under these conditions, that we are able to carry on with our lives. Thank you very very much – please take care of yourselves.

感謝(かんしゃ) gratitude, thanks

話題(わだい) topic, theme

気(き)が重(おも)い feel depressed

感染(かんせん) infection

医療従事者(いりょうじゅうじしゃ) healthcare worker

設置(せっち)する install

接(せっ)する give service, treat

配送業(はいそうぎょう) delivery business

業種(ぎょうしゅ) business, industry

実感(じっかん)する realize


Konnichiwa. My name is Kumiko Yatabe. I live in Saitama, just North of Tokyo.

The best way to learn to speak a foreign language is to talk with a person from that country.

Books and CD learning materials as well as movies and music from that country are good learning tools. But unfortunately they do not talk back to you or correct your mistakes.

Please pop into the classroom. If you are aiming to talk fluent Japanese just like a native, or are interested in enjoying to study in a leisurely manner, I am really looking forward to meeting you and many types of students and help you in your quest to master the language. If you don't understand something, please feel free to ask. I will try to make the lessons as easy to understand for everyone.

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