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Crazy about bugs

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Bugs in Japan

Japan is a country with various seasons and between the spring and fall seasons, you have the rainy season and the sweltering hot summer. It is these seasons that bring out the bugs and insects in Japan. From mosquitos to caterpillars and from dragonflies to centipedes, you will find a host of harmless and slightly harmful bugs all over the country.

In this really charming and lovable blog, Japanese teacher Chie Eguchi introduces someone who really loves the bugs in Japan.

Read this blog in Japanese and learn some new Kanji and vocabulary. Then look at the English translation and YouTube video to listen to the Japanese read fluently.

Crazy about bugs








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Crazy about bugs

I have a son that is almost 7 years old. He loves bugs and especially in the period from spring to autumn he thinks about bugs all the time in his daily life. At home he is constantly looking at picture books about bugs, watching DVDs about bugs and drawing pictures of bugs. When he goes outside, if he sees a tree, he stops to check if there are any cicadas on it, if there is any grass growing along the roadside, he checks to see if any grasshoppers or mantis are hiding in it, so he doesn't get to his destination easily.

Among the bugs, he especially loves stag beetles and rhinoceros beetles and he raises them from their larval stages. He cleans their case every day, feeds them, and puts them in his hand and stares at them. He names them and talks to them, but bugs don't get close to humans, so they tend to bite his hand and fly off. From my point of view, I really do not see what is so interesting about them.

There are a few kids among my son's friends that love bugs too. They have the fact that they love catching bugs in common, although there are some kids that want to catch the bugs and pet them, and other kids that like to catch them and release them right away. For the kids who like to catch them and keep them as pets, their houses are full of petting cases so their mothers have a hard time of it. My son likes to catch them, take photos of them, and then release them. If I count the photos, I can see that he caught at least over 300 bugs during the year.

What is a mystery though is that the kids who like bugs are mostly boys. I wonder why little boys love bugs and catching bugs. I tried to look this up but I couldn't find a convincing explanation for it. As it leads into autumn, the season of bugs is still ongoing. I guess I'll stop saying that “I don't know what is interesting about them”, and just go along with my son and try to enjoy it too.

~に夢中(むちゅう)だ  be crazy about~

なかなか~ない not~easily

特(とく)に specially

ながめる regard ~ closely

話(はな)しかける  speak to

放(はな)す   release

捕(つか)まえる    catch

納得(なっとく)する    be convinced


Hajimemashite everybody ! My name is Chie Eguchi. I live in Kawanishi city in Hyougo prefecture. Its about 20 minutes to Osaka station by train. It is an easy-going place with lots of fig and peach orchards.

I love reading books, and soaking in the bath while reading a book is my favorite pastime. I've been playing tennis since my university days, and although I'm a terrible player, I still play from time to time.

I have taught at Japanese language schools in Thailand, Hong Kong and Osaka. In my lessons, once you have grasped the meanings and understood the situations in which words and phrases are used, then the most important thing is to talk as much as possible. I want to help you learn Japanese in the most effective manner. Let's do this together !

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