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Machida Dahlia Garden

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Enjoying Tokyo

Tokyo has some impressive urban tourist spots that attract a lot of visitors every year. But there are also some green pockets of beauty and nature that can be enjoyed within the metropolis too.

In this interesting blog by Japanese teacher Izumi Yanaka, she explores one of these beautiful locations. You can listen to Yanaka sensei read the blog herself, and learn how to pronounce the words in natural Japanese.

Also please use the vocabulary list to learn new Japanese words. There are two versions of the blog – one with Kanji readings – so you can study Japanese Kanji at your leisure while reading the blog and looking at the wonderful photographs.

Machida Dahlia Garden








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Machida Dahlia Garden

Tokyo's Machida city has a Dahlia garden. Every year the garden opens when the Dahlias start to bloom and closes when the blossoms end. This year it opened on June 29th and is due to close on November 4th.

There are about 500 varieties of Dahlia and 4000 Dahila roots planted, so you can enjoy a variety of Dahlias from summer to autumn. Last year, I visited it for the first time and there were flowers of various shapes and colors including red, yellow and pink blossoms and they were so beautiful that I found myself taking many photos. And there are events to give names to newly created Dahlia flowers in the Dahlia garden. I thought that it would be wonderful if I could be a person who gave a name to a new Dahlia, so I put in an application, but unfortunately, it was not adopted. In autumn there is an event called 'Tsukiyo no Dahlia en' where you can enjoy viewing the Dahlia at night. Watching the Dahlias in the lit-up atmosphere was mysterious and had a different point of attraction.

Many of the Dahlia are tall so they need to have poles attached to them for support. When you think that there are 4000 Dahlia roots planted, it must be a tough job. I really appreciate the people who grew these flowers for us to enjoy, and I hope to enjoy them again this year too.

品種(ひんしゅ) variety

株(かぶ) roots

色(いろ)とりどり of various colors

名付(なづ)け親(おや) person who give somebody a name

応募(おうぼ)する apply for

採用(さいよう)する adopt

神秘的(しんぴてき) mysterious

魅力(みりょく)がある attractive

支柱(しちゅう) pole

誘引(ゆういん)する support


Hajimemashite ! My name is Izumi YANAKA.
Through my work as a System Engineer, I have had the experience of teaming up with foreign members of a team. After seeing the difficulties the team members went through with communication and cultural differences, I got to thinking, "If only there was something I could do to help !" Which was what led me to become a Japanese teacher.

How do you find studying Japanese ? Is it difficult ? Do you find it trying ? At the beginning, easy phrases will do, just think of what you want to say and give it a go. For example, let's talk about your favorite things. I like playing tennis, traveling, and gardening. What do you like to do ?

What's the best phrase to say in this situation ? Is this grammar usage correct ?

If you have questions like these on your mind, I want to answer them all one by one. And in this way, without even realizing it, your Japanese will come to improve.

Once you are able to speak, it gets to be fun. It's not difficult, and not trying at all ! I will help you widen your Japanese speaking world. Let's enjoy learning Japanese together.

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