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New car

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Japanese cars

The Japanese car industry is one of the top three car manufacturing industries in the world. Toyota holds the position for the leading manufacturer in the world and Japanese car makers are among the most trusted makers internationally.

The Toyota Prius made headlines as one of the first hybrid cars and is leading the field in more eco-friendly car brands.

In this Japanese learners blog by Japanese language teacher Maki Igarashi talks about her new car, which is a Toyota Prius and explains some of the amazing new features in this model.

Listen to the blog by watching the video, and learn some new Japanese vocabulary too.

New car










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New car

Recently, I changed up my car to a Prius. My previous car was quite old so I was surprised by all the services that came with modern cars.

First of all the lights come with an Auto feature. This is a feature that, when it is dark, the lights automatically switch on and when it is light they switch themselves off. If you are on a stretch of highway or somewhere like that where there are a series of tunnels, its troublesome to switch on and switch off the lights, but if you set it to the Auto function, you don't have to do anything and it is really convenient.

There is also a feature that predicts danger and sets off a warning alarm, and if you are about to hit something, there is a function that makes it stop automatically.

But withstanding that, reckless driving accidents by aged people driving Priuses seem to be never-ending. In the Toyota company stockholders meeting, a question was asked regarding whether this issue was ok. The Toyota vice president explained that the reason the Prius accidents stand out is because there are favorable sales figures so many of these vehicles are being driven.

I guess that no matter how good the car is, drivers have to take care to drive safely.

機能(きのう): function

自動的(じどうてき)に: automatically

警告音(けいこくおん): alarm

後(あと)を絶(た)ちません: never ending

株主総会(かぶぬしそうかい): stockholders' meeting


Hajimemashite, everyone . My name is Maki Igarashi.
Although I'm originally from Hokkaido, I live in Hiroshima because of my husband's work transfer. Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan. Winter is very cold and snowy, but Hokkaido's natural scenery is very beautiful, and we have a lot of delicious food. Here in Hiroshima, on Miya-jima Island, you can see Itsukushima Shrine, a world cultural heritage site. If you come to Japan, please visit these great places.

I'd like to see you smile at least once in every class. The lessons will be, well, fun! Prepare well, and review well! :o)
Don't get caught up thinking Japanese is a difficult language, enjoy studying and learning !

Try to use your newly learned vocabulary and phrases all the time in the lessons. Looking forward to meeting you all in class !

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