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When common truths change

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Health in Japan

Japanese people are said to be among the healthiest nations in the world. There are constantly TV programs dedicated solely to health problems, healthy lifestyles and health products and food.

The national health insurance in the country is also universal and does a comparatively competent job at providing affordable care for the population.

In this blog which is read by Kumiko Yatabe, a Japanese teacher at JOI, focuses on one interesting aspect of health, not just in Japan, but also generally in the world of medical science.

Yatabe sensei also drew the illustrations herself. Watch her illustrations and study her Japanese pronunciation in the video and learn some new Japanese phrases and vocabulary.

When common truths change


By YATABE Kumiko





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When common truths change

I found something on the Internet that I thought was interesting. It was an article related to health which said, "Even if you take care of your diet, your cholesterol doesn't come down."

In the past the daily intake upper limit of cholesterol was decided, but according to research, it has now been understood that the cholesterol within food does not directly influence your blood cholesterol level and in 2015, the upper limit of cholesterol intake was abolished. When I was a child, we learned at school that, 'you should eat only one egg per day since the cholesterol in eggs is high' but now there is no need to worry about this. I think this is a big change. But saying this, I personally have never thought about cholesterol and ate what I liked, so after reading this article, nothing especially changed for me.

I sometimes find things like this where the information related to medical science and health does an 180 degree about turn. I realized that for experts and researchers, it is not easy to know what the truth is.

常識(じょうしき) common knowledge

健康(けんこう) health

記事(きじ) article

摂取(せっしゅ) intake, ingestion

上限値(じょうげんち) upper limit

研究(けんきゅう) research, study

血中(けっちゅう)コレステロール値(ち) blood cholesterol level

影響(えいきょう)する influence

撤廃(てっぱい)する remove, abolish

気(き)にする care, worry

変化(へんか) change

医学(いがく) medical science

情報(じょうほう) information

専門家(せんもんか) expert

真実(しんじつ) truth


Konnichiwa. My name is Kumiko Yatabe. I live in Saitama, just North of Tokyo.

The best way to learn to speak a foreign language is to talk with a person from that country.

Books and CD learning materials as well as movies and music from that country are good learning tools. But unfortunately they do not talk back to you or correct your mistakes.

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