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Tanabata Festival

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Tanabata Festival


By SENO Chiaki










*There are large Tanabata festival exhibitions held at some stores and in some areas。





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★Kanji with hiragana








★English Translation


Tanabata Festival

July 7th is the Tanabata festival in Japan. The kanji is written as 「七夕」 but in this special case, it is read as 'Tanabata', one theory about the origin of the reading is that it comes from “hata ori' or “weaving” machine and is named from the “Festival of the Weaver” which is read as Tanabata.

There is a legend behind the Tanabata festival. A cowherd who raised cattle and weaver who weaved textile became a passionate couple. From the time they got married, instead of working, they did nothing but play. An angry god set them apart on opposite banks of the Milky Way (river) and allowed them to meet up only once a year. This was the night of July 7th . It is the one time that the two can meet again.

Bamboo grass decorations are indispensable for the Tanabata festival. There are few houses where they put up these decorations now, but this year, for the first time in a while, we tried to put them up in our house.

It is traditionally said that if you write your wishes on the small strips of paper, they will come true. If it were you, what would you write for your wish ?


 ★This week's vocabulary


機織(はたお)り  weaving; weaver

牛飼(うしか)い  cattleman; raising cattle

~同士(どうし)  fellow; mutual; companion; comrade

恋人同士(こいびとどうし)  pair of lovers; couple; girlfriend and boyfriend

~てからというもの  from the time; ever since; since

~もせず  without (doing); instead of

~てばかりいる  do nothing but...

天(あま)の川(がわ)  Milky Way

~に欠(か)かせない  be crucial for; be indispensable in

我(わ)が家(や)  one's house; one's home; one's family

短冊(たんざく)  long, narrow card on which Japanese poemsare written (vertically); strip of paper

願(ねが)いが叶(かな)えられる  The wish is realized

あなたなら  What if you...?


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