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Nursing our pet

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Pets in Japan

Japanese people are great animal lovers and there are many households with pet dogs and cats. The skill and availability of veterinarians is also astonishing in this country. Many people spend a lot of time, money and emotion in taking care of their pets.

In this blog for students who would like to learn Japanese for free, Igarashi sensei shares her own harrowing but moving pet story.

Read the blog without Kanji help and with some help in Kanji reading. And also learn some new Japanese vocabulary.

Nursing our pet









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Nursing our pet

There is a 16 year old cat in my house. It has been a fast 16 years since I picked it up, as a moribund kitten with skin disease, and although it might seem long, it feels like it passed in just a moment. Within this time, I have taken various steps like getting married, giving birth, raising children, working and next it seems as though I am facing the time of nursing our pet.

Our 16 year old cat “TanTan”, worried us about her constipation so we changed her feed to one that the veterinarian recommended. Up until then she would come and go to the toilet so frequently and cry in such pain that it seemed unreal when it was cured. We only had a moment to feel relieved when next she suddenly started to meow loudly. It was more of a scream than a meow. This continued several times in the middle of the nights and when we investigated we found out that it was due to aging. Being woken up in the middle of the night was tough, but while thinking that since it was due to aging, it couldn't be helped, we are coping with it now.

Her ears are becoming deaf, and she will probably have various other problems but since fate brought TanTan to our house, we will take care of her until the end. If you can hear TanTan's voice in the background during the lessons... I'm really sorry !

皮膚病(ひふびょう) skin disease

瀕死(ひんし) moribund、dying

獣医師(じゅういし) veterinarian、veterinary surgeon

絶叫(ぜっきょう) scream

老化(ろうか) aging


Hajimemashite, everyone . My name is Maki Igarashi.
Although I'm originally from Hokkaido, I live in Hiroshima because of my husband's work transfer. Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan. Winter is very cold and snowy, but Hokkaido's natural scenery is very beautiful, and we have a lot of delicious food. Here in Hiroshima, on Miya-jima Island, you can see Itsukushima Shrine, a world cultural heritage site. If you come to Japan, please visit these great places.

I'd like to see you smile at least once in every class. The lessons will be, well, fun! Prepare well, and review well! :o)
Don't get caught up thinking Japanese is a difficult language, enjoy studying and learning !

Try to use your newly learned vocabulary and phrases all the time in the lessons. Looking forward to meeting you all in class !

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