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Autumn of harvest and autumn of appetite

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Seasonal food in Japan

Japan with its four seasons has a variety of seasonal food. And Japanese cuisine or Washoku is largely dependent on the change of ingredients as the temperatures and weather change.

In this blog for people who are trying to learn Japanese, is a great way for students of the Japanese language to read and listen to natural Japanese and Kinoi sensei introduces her view of autumn.

Autumn of harvest and autumn of appetite







先日柿を取りに行きました。木にたくさん実り、木が「重いよ。」と言っているようでした。たくさん収穫し、たくさん食べました。とても甘かったです。そのほかに、さつまいもも収穫し、蒸してつぶして、砂糖、卵を入れて混ぜて形を整え、オーブンで焼きました。これもまた甘くて、おいしかったです。 松茸はとても高いのですが、秋を感じようと少しだけ買って食べました。栗も梨も新米も食べました。自然の恵みをたくさんいただいて、心も体も満たされた気持ちでいっぱいです。


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先日(せんじつ)柿(かき)を取(と)りに行(い)きました。木(き)にたくさん実(みの)り、木(き)が「重(おも)いよ。」と言(い)っているようでした。たくさん収穫(しゅうかく)し、たくさん食(た)べました。とても甘(あま)かったです。そのほかに、さつまいもも収穫(しゅうかく)し、蒸(む)してつぶして、砂糖(さとう)、卵(たまご)を入(い)れて混(ま)ぜて形(かたち)を整(ととの)え、オーブンで焼(や)きました。これもまた甘(あま)くて、おいしかったです。 松茸(まつたけ)はとても高(たか)いのですが、秋(あき)を感(かん)じようと少(すこ)しだけ買(か)って食(た)べました。栗(くり)も梨(なし)も新米(しんまい)も食(た)べました。自然(しぜん)の恵(めぐ)みをたくさんいただいて、心(こころ)も体(からだ)も満(み)たされた気持(きも)ちでいっぱいです。


Autumn of harvest and autumn of appetite

This year in October, typhoons came to Japan two weeks in a row, and rain fell every weekend. It was a shame since this season is realy good for going out somewhere outside.

Well, when it changes from summer to autumn the temperature drops and with it, people's clothes and their actions change too. Even for people who lost their appetites because of the heat of summer when it autumn comes along, this appetite recovers. And when it comes to autumn, it is the season of ripening and various fruits and vegetables are harvested in this period. There are many foods that are 'in season'. Which is why autumn is also known as the season of appetite.

And speaking of foods that are 'in season' during autumn, these are:- pacific saury, matsutake mushrooms, chestnuts, sweet potato, rice, persimmon, pears, and grapes among others. You can buy rice in the supermarkets all year around but the rice of this season is called 'Shinmai' or newly harvested rice and it is really delicious.

The other day, I went to pick some persimmon. There were many fruits hanging in the tree and the tree seemed to be saying “They're heavy!” We picked a lot and ate many too. They were very sweet. We also harvested some sweet potatoes. We steamed and mashed them, added some sugar and eggs, mixed them, formed them into shapes and baked them in the oven. These were also sweet and delicious. Matsutake mushrooms are really expensive but I bought a little and ate them to feel the fall season. I also ate chestnut, Japanese pears, and new rice too. We enjoyed eating the many blessings of the season and our hearts and bodies felt filled with a sense of satisfaction.

It is a short season that comes before the cold of winter, but I love this the delicious autumn season.


食欲(しょくよく) appetite

連続(れんぞく)continuance; succession

とともに when something changed, another thing changes with it.

収穫(しゅうかく) harvesting; gather [take] in

旬(しゅん)the best season

さんま pacific saury

松茸(まつたけ)matsutake mushroom

栗(くり) a chestnut

さつまいも sweet potato

お米(こめ) rice

柿(かき) persimmon

梨(なし) pear


蒸(む)す to steam

つぶすto mash


Hajimemashite, my name is Rie Kinoi. Do you know Sumo ? I love Sumo. Currently, there are many foreign Sumo wrestlers and they call speak Japanese really well. I often think that I would love to teach people to speak Japanese as naturally as they do.
I also love to travel. And I am fascinated by air, scenery, lifestyle, culture and of course languages of places that I am not familiar with. Japan has a lot of wonderful places to visit too, I'd like to introduce these to you.
Well now, you all must have various reasons and goals to study Japanese. I would like to lend support to you and help you succeed in achieving those goals. In my lessons, I will teach not only in an interesting and fun way, but also guide you to absorb a number of different topics. Lets do well together !

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