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Special Effects Superheroes

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Superheroes Japan

The cultural impact of Japanese superheroes is hard to measure. And there are many Japanese people who spent large parts of their youth following the adventures of these characters on TV and in comic books.

In this teachers' blog by Yuko Momoki sensei, a Japanese teacher at JOI, she introduces her own view of this phenomenon.

Read the blog and listen to the video to learn vocabulary and practice Japanese listening.

Special Effects Superheroes








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Special Effects Superheroes

In Japan when we talk about Special Effects Superheroes, the three names that tend to come up are Ultraman, Kamen Rider and the Sentai Heroes (Power Rangers) ; they have over 40 years of accumulated history but keep evolving so that they continue to gain new attractiveness.

There are some features that are common to and passionately depicted in all the TV shows and these are the beauty of hard work and the bond between friends and these are strongly reflected in the messages to the audience.

We have a 3 year old and 5 year old pair of sons in our house and they are of course really into the Special Effects Superheroes, and so I try hard to watch them too. And its not just the TV shows, there are spin-off movies, events, housing exhibition shows, character meet-and-greet events as well as MacDonalds Happy Sets etc...Anyway, its tough to busily chase after them all-year-round, trying to keep up with it all, but recently the show is full of young handsome actors so I might end up being more soothed by them, right ?

The currently broadcasting Sentai Heroes series is set around a cosmic soldiers theme, and there are all of 12 heroes likened to stars. Four of these heroes do not change into humans at all. Yet the kids watch this without any sense of discomfort, but I just cannot remember all of their names.

特撮(とくさつ)special photographing

仮面(かめん) mask

戦隊(せんたい) troop, squadron, fighters

進化(しんか)   evolution, progress

魅力(みりょく) charm,fascination,attractiveness

発信(はっしん)transmission, transmittal, transmitting (the act of sending a message)



視聴者(しちょうしゃ) audience

色濃(いろこ)く deep colored, steeped, strong

反映(はんえい) reflection, influence

どはまり be into - , be interested in -

一生懸命(いっしょうけんめい)very hard, try as hard as one can

スピンオフ spin-off

住宅展示ショー(じゅうたくてんじ)housing exhibition show

キャラクター握手会(あくしゅかい)handshake event of character

ハッピーセット happy meal

若手(わかて)young, young member

イケメン good looking, handsome, gorgeous

癒(いや)されている it has been healed

宇宙戦士(うちゅうせんし) space warrior, starship troopers

設定(せってい) configuration, set up

星座(せいざ) constellation

姿(すがた) appearance, figure, form


違和感(いわかん) feeling that something is wrong, incompatibility


Konnichiwa everyone ! My name is Yuko Momoki and I live in Yamanashi prefecture which is famous for peaches and grapes and is the gateway to Mount Fuji. I have a lively family of 5, consisting of my husband, 2 sons, my mother and myself and we live in an environment surrounded by nature.

Up to now, I have taught Japanese to people from various countries and we have laughed together, worried together, gotten angry and at times spent time together that was often more intense and fun than the time spent with good friends.

When I think about how I will be able to spend the wonderful time that we have to share together...well my heart just pounds! I will try to make sure that we succeed in progressing your Japanese together, douzo yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu.

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