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Kawaii goods in Japan

The word Kawaii in Japanese can be translated as cute or adorable. The word seems to have morphed into a universal expression which encompasses a lot of typically Japanese trends.

There are many goods made in Japan that are designed to be cute. Their target audiences are usually young girls, but there are many objects including road construction site markers that defy understanding when the term is framed merely within this definition.

In this blog, one of JOI's teachers, Kumiko Yatabe finds a growing trend which definitely falls into the Kawaii realm of things.

In this blog, one of JOI's teachers, Kumiko Yatabe finds a growing trend which definitely falls into the Kawaii realm of things.Yatabe sensei reads the story herself in the video, so you can hear the writer's voice speaking in natural Japanese. And the illustration in the video is drawn by Yatabe sensei ...."Kawaii !!"



By YATABE Kumiko


ここ数年、セキセイインコが静かなブームとなっています。 インコは日本で長い間、ペットとして飼われてきた鳥で、目新しい鳥ではないのですが、最近インコのグッズがぐっと増えた気がします



To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.


ここ数年(すうねん)、セキセイインコが静(しず)かなブームとなっています。 インコは日本(にほん)で長(なが)い間、ペットとして飼(か)われてきた鳥(とり)で、目新(めあたら)しい鳥ではないのですが、最近(さいきん)インコのグッズがぐっと増(ふ)えた気(き)がします




During these last few years, budgerigars have become a quiet trend.Budgies have been bought as pets in Japan for a long time, so they are not unfamiliar birds, but I feel that budgie goods have suddenly increased recently.

There are many goods, like budgie dolls, budgie cushions, rucksacks, pen cases and the like. They are so kawaii (cute), I've found myself wanting some too. But the thing that surprised me above all was some budgie flavored ice cream. This does not mean that it tastes of budgie meat flavor. I myself have never bought a budgie, so I don't know but apparently budgies have a certain unique scent (body odor) and for people who love budgies, this smell is extremely soothing. Please rest assured : Budgies are not part of the actual ingredients.

Budgies are originally from Australia.With their beautiful yellow, green and blue colored bodies, their black and perfectly round eyes and their downward facing beaks, they have a lot of truly adorable features.

ここ数年(すうねん) these few years

セキセイインコ budgerigar

ブーム trend, fad

目新(めあたら)しい new (unfamiliar)

気(き)がします I feel

何(なん)といっても above all

風味(ふうみ) flavor

独特(どくとく)の own, distinctive

体臭(たいしゅう) body smell

心安(こころやす)らぐ soothing, comfortable

表現(ひょうげん) express

原材料(げんざいりょう) ingredient

原産国(げんさんこく) country of origin

くちばし beak

愛(あい)らしい cute, adorable

要素(ようそ) element, part


Konnichiwa. My name is Kumiko Yatabe. I live in Saitama, just North of Tokyo.

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