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Yamanashi Wine

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Japanese wine

Wine making in Japan began to use western methods during the Meiji era of Japanese history. Domestic production and consumption lags behind the import market but there is a growing demand for locally produced wines in Japan.

Momoki sensei lives in Yamanashi prefecture, the home of Japanese viticulture. She had an experience that she shares here in this Japanese learner's blog.

Learn the Japanese vocabulary with the English translation and word list, and listen to natural Japanese with the video.

Yamanashi Wine








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Yamanashi Wine

Yamanashi prefecture produces about a third of the domestic wine in Japan, and within the prefecture there are about 80 winery companies. The wine of Yamanashi is known as Koshu wine, which was developed and spread in the local areas by two young men who journeyed to France to learn the methods of wine production in 1877. The national University of Yamanashi is the only place fruit alcohol and wine is specially researched domestically, and the university has established a wine research center (The Institute of Enology and Viticulture).

At most of the wineries you can have free tasting, so my family and I did a winery tour. (The children get to drink grape juice!). Each of the wineries have their own particular features, there are wines made from fruits other than grapes and you can buy 1 sho bottles which hold a large capacity which is rare domestically.

So even though wherever you go you are practically flooded with wine, the Yamanashi prefecture people I know around me almost never drink wine. I think that to say that Yamanashi wine is supported by buyers from outside of the prefecture might not be a total exaggeration.

国内(こくない) domestic, in Japan

生産(せいさん) production

県内(けんない) within the prefecture

産地(さんち) a producing center(district)

地元(じもと) local area

国立山梨大学(こくりつやまなしだいがく)National university corporation, University of Yamanashi

試飲(しいん)try out, taste, sample 

特色(とくしょく) feature

一升瓶(いっしょうびん)1 sho bottle (1.8 liters)

大容量(だいようりょう)large capacity, high capacity

山梨県民(やまなしけんみん)the people in Yamanashi prefecture

県外(けんがい) outside the prefecture

過言(かごん)ではない no exaggeration


Konnichiwa everyone ! My name is Yuko Momoki and I live in Yamanashi prefecture which is famous for peaches and grapes and is the gateway to Mount Fuji. I have a lively family of 5, consisting of my husband, 2 sons, my mother and myself and we live in an environment surrounded by nature.

Up to now, I have taught Japanese to people from various countries and we have laughed together, worried together, gotten angry and at times spent time together that was often more intense and fun than the time spent with good friends.

When I think about how I will be able to spend the wonderful time that we have to share together...well my heart just pounds! I will try to make sure that we succeed in progressing your Japanese together, douzo yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu.

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