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Making a paper crane

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Japanese Origami

Japanese origami is a pastime that began in the 17th Century during the Edo period in Japanese history. It generally involves folding square paper into various intricate designs. Perhaps the best known of these is the Japanese paper crane, which plays a significant role in various areas of Japanese life.

Kinoi sensei, is a Japanese teacher at JOI online school. She loves to travel and traditional Japanese pastimes, like watching Sumo.

Read her interesting blog below, and wow your friends by making a tiny paper crane for yourself !

Making a paper crane




一枚の正方形の紙からいろんなものが作れることを知っていますか。「折り紙 と言って、日本の伝統的な遊びです。その中でも折りはとても有名です。






もうこれ以上小さいのは無理と思いつつ、1.5センチと1センチの紙で折ってみました。なんとか完成しました。鶴の形も確認できます。米粒と比べてみました。かなり小さいことがわかります。 細かい作業をするのは好きなので、楽しかったです。また、挑戦してみたいです。

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もうこれ以上(いじょう)小(ちい)さいのは無理(むり)と思(おも)いつつ、1.5センチと1センチの紙(かみ)で折(お)ってみました。なんとか完成(かんせい)しました。鶴(つる)の形(かたち)も確認(かくにん)できます。米粒(こめつぶ)と比(くら)べてみました。かなり小(ちい)さいことがわかります。 細(こま)かい作業(さぎょう)をするのは好(す)きなので、楽(たの)しかったです。また、挑戦(ちょうせん)してみたいです。

Making a paper crane

Did you know that you can make various from one piece of square paper ? It is called Origami and is a traditional Japanese game. Among these the crane is one of the most famous ones.

I'd like to try to fold a very small crane. I have prepared some papers of different sizes. The first is a 15 centimeter square one which is usually sold in the shops, next is one a quarter of the size, and then I prepared some papers which are each 1 centimeter smaller. The smallest one is just 1 centimeter width in size.

First, let's start with the largest paper. The second one has a width of 7.5 centimeters, then 6.5 centimeters, then 5.5 centimeters. We can still fold some more. From the 4.5 centimeter size paper, it becomes difficult to fold. As the origami paper gets smaller and smaller, it gets more difficult to fold. Let's try the 2.5 centimeter paper. It is really quite difficult. But I completed it somehow.

Even though I felt that it would be impossible to make one any smaller than this, I tried to fold the 1.5 centimeter and 1 centimeter papers. I managed to complete it somehow. You can confirm the crane shape as well. I compared them with a grain of rice. You can see that they are really quite small.

I enjoy doing detailed work, so this was fun. I'd like to give this a go again.

正方形(せいほうけい) square

伝統的(でんとうてき) traditional

鶴(つる) crane

4分(ぶん)の1 quarter

~にくい difficult to do something

~につれて、at the same time as…changes

~つつ although

米粒(こめつぶ) grain of rice

細(こま)かい作業(さぎょう) detailed work


Hajimemashite, my name is Rie Kinoi. Do you know Sumo ? I love Sumo. Currently, there are many foreign Sumo wrestlers and they call speak Japanese really well. I often think that I would love to teach people to speak Japanese as naturally as they do.
I also love to travel. And I am fascinated by air, scenery, lifestyle, culture and of course languages of places that I am not familiar with. Japan has a lot of wonderful places to visit too, I'd like to introduce these to you.
Well now, you all must have various reasons and goals to study Japanese. I would like to lend support to you and help you succeed in achieving those goals. In my lessons, I will teach not only in an interesting and fun way, but also guide you to absorb a number of different topics. Lets do well together !

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