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Exercising in the dark

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New exercising ideas for adults

There have been a growing number of unique exercising systems for a new generation of adults, like the clubbercise sensation hitting the UK. But there is actually some science to the concept of doing exercise in the dark.

In this Japanese language blog for beginners, Mizuno sensei introduces an interesting trend spreading around Japan. And she has an idea for some budding entrepreneur somewhere !

Read this blog and listen to Mizuno sensei's voice in the video to learn some great Japanese phrases and vocabulary for free.

Exercising in the dark


By MIZUNO Momoyo






To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video. 



2年(ねん)ぐらい前(まえ)、運動不足(うんどう ぶそく)が気(き)になり出し(だし)ました。プールへ通い(かよい)始めた(はじめた)のですが、初日(しょにち)に「アルバイトの監視員(かんしいん)が知り合い(しりあい)の女性(じょせい)だ。」ということに気(き)づいたのです。「あ~、いやだ。メタボを見(み)られるの、いや。」おかげで<通う(かよう)>という計画(けいかく)は1日(いちにち)で消え(きえ)ました。


暗闇効果(くらやみ こうか)に注目(ちゅうもく)したトレーニングは企業研修(きぎょう けんしゅう)でも行(おこな)われています。暗闇(くらやみ)の中(なか)で作業(さぎょう)したり、討論(とうろん)したりすると、普段(ふだん)使(つか)わない脳(のう)の部分(ぶぶん)が刺激(しげき)されて、脳(のう)の動き(うごき)が高まる(たかまる)とも言(い)われています。

Exercising in the dark

 When I was a child, there were often blackouts in the Japanese country-side caused by typhoon and heavy snow. When blackouts happened, I would light a candle at my desk and I would excitedly begin to do the homework which I hated. In the darkness and candle light, for some strange reason I could progress with my homework.

2 years ago, I began to worry about my lack of exercise. I began to go to a pool, but on the first day I realized that, “one of the part-time lifeguards is a lady that I know”. “Aah no way ! I didn't want my metabolic syndrome to be seen.” So thanks to that, my plans of going disappeared in just one day.

The things that joins these two examples really well is the now popular Kurayami (or darkness) exercise. In a completely dark gym, a large number of people desperately peddle on bicycles. There they listen to jaunty music and mixed with a Dj's call-outs and cycle along. Apparently, it feels just like being in a club.
It is popular with women in their 30s and 40s who sent in opinions saying, “You can concentrate better in the dark” and “I don't want my desperately working out hard body to be seen by others” or “The sense of achievement and the sense of belonging is great!”

Training that focuses on the effect of darkness is even being used in corporate training. They say that doing some work in the dark or having discussions in the dark stimulates parts of the brain that are not normally used, and they also say that activates the functions of the brain.
There are a lot of good points, aren't there ? But it seems a little hard. If someone makes a laid-back swimming-in-the-dark class, I definitely want to join !

停電(ていでん): blackout

ろうそく: a candle

灯す(ともす): to light

ワクワクする: exciting

暗闇(くらやみ):the darkness

妙(みょう)に: strangely

気(き)になる: to be on one’s mind, to worry

通う(かよう): to go to, to commute

監視員(かんしいん): lifeguard

気(き)づく: to notice

メタボ:Metabolic syndrome

まとめる: to gather, to pull together

エクササイズ: exercise

ジム: gym

大勢(おおぜい)の: a large number of ~

必死(ひっし)に: desperately

こぐ: to peddle

軽快(けいかい)な: jaunty, ここでは、テンポのいい

DJ: disk jockey, ディスク・ジョッキー

クラブ:ディスコ, disco, discotheque

感覚(かんかく): sense

集中(しゅうちゅう)する: to concentrate

姿(すがた): ここでは、様子、状態(じょうたい state)

一体感(いったいかん): a sense of belonging

達成感(たっせいかん): a sense of achievement

寄(よ)せる:ここでは、to send

効果(こうか): effect

注目(ちゅうもく)する: to notice, one’s eyes are the same]

企業(きぎょう): company

研修(けんしゅう): induction, training

作業(さぎょう)する: to operate, to work

討論(とうろん)する: to discuss, to debate

脳(のう): brain

刺激(しげき)する: to stimulate

高まる(たかまる): ここでは、to activate

きつい: hard

のんびりした: expansive, carefree

スイミング: swimming, 水泳(すいえい)


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