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Beginner 2
Beginner 2 (incl. JLPT N4)

Private Lessons:
Beginner 2
Beginner 2 (incl. JLPT N4)


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Hajimemashite, I am Yukiko Takane.
I live in Chiba Prefecture. My hometown is near the ocean and is surrounded by rice fields - its a laid-back place.
The sashimi and rice is really good here.
My family home makes rice as well, so I usually help out during the harvest season.
I may look weak, but actually I can lift a 30kg bag of rice.

In the past, I taught Japanese in Saipan and Cebu islands. The people I got to know there are precious to me.
I am really looking forward to meeting you all in the online classrooms.
I have been called 'Takani' Sensei or 'Okane' sensei by my students.
Well, I am not a 'crab' nor am I 'money' - the name is Takane.
Doozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Japanese Teaching Style

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What kinds of activities do you include in your online Japanese classes?

Beginner 2

In the Beginner 2 classes we learn how to better express your feelings and things in more detail. I would like to help you to raise the level of your expressions. Each lesson deals with one grammar point, and after getting to grips with the basics of the point, we practice using it in a conversation and move on to you making your own sentences with it. I try to take care and make sure to teach the grammar points within each lesson in a way that is easy to learn.

Beginner 2 Grammar (including JLPT N4)

In the lesson, we start by me explaining the each grammar point. Then we focus on the verbs that use the grammatical structure, practice adjective conjugations and practice usuage while applying it to the grammar point. Then we move onto conversation practice, and practical everyday usage within the lesson. Finally we always finish of with some practice problems to reinforce the point and also help you prepare for the JLPT test.

Please share your thoughts on teaching and learning Japanese.

I would like to every learner that has thought that they want to learn Japanese to think, “That was fun!” and “I want to learn more !” after each and every lesson.


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Completed the Japanese Teacher Training Course (2005)
Worked for a Japanese language academy in Saipan (2006)
Worked as a Japanese instructor for an Institution dispatching qualified trainees in Cebu Island, Philippines (2007 - 2010)

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