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Konnichiwa, My name is Sachiko Someya.
I live in Yokohama city in Kanagawa prefecture.
Yokohama is an attractive city with a lot of tourist destinations. If you ever get the chance, please come and visit.
Learning a new language can bring you a lot pleasure but can also be difficult.
I would like to help you to enjoy learning Japanese. Let's try hard together ! I'm looking forward to meeting up with you online.

Japanese Teaching Style

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What kinds of activities do you include in your online Japanese classes?

Beginner 1

We use the chosen grammar phrase of the day to practice daily conversation. We begin with very easy conversations so, please feel free to join in. The aim of the classes is to learn to express yourself well in Japanese even if it is just using a particular phrase, rather than just memorizing vocabulary and grammar,

Beginner 2

In the same way as with the Beginner 1, we use the focussed grammar point in practical conversation. It is important to understand which types of situations you can use each phrase. Visualize the situations in your mind, and let's practice the conversations together!

Please share your thoughts on teaching and learning Japanese.

At JOI we intend to make lessons that can be easily enjoyed by learners at many different levels. It is alright to make mistakes in the classes, just try to speak in Japanese as much as possible, I will give you all the support I can give you and soon you'll find yourself speaking in Japanese and using the language smoothly.


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Graduated from Tokyo Woman's Christian College, Department Humanities and Sciences

Completed the 420-hour course for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language

Worked for a Japanese language academy in Tokyo city

Worked for a Japanese language academy in Yokohama city