Refer a Friend and Earn Free Japanese Online Lessons!


As a JOI student, you can earn free Japanese lessons just by referring your friends to our online Japanese school.

Plus, each friend can get a free lesson, too, so everyone can learn Japanese online---free!

Here’s how you can get free FlexLessons:

Tell your friends about JOI. When a friend enrolls, they fill in your JOI username.

Note: We encourage your friend to buy the 3-lesson trial package of FlexLessons,but no free tickets are awarded for that purchase.

If your friend stays enrolled and buys regularly priced lessons, you get 3 free FlexLessons tickets,and your friend gets 1 free FlexLessons ticket!

Note: Your friend must buy a regularly priced FlexLessons package of 5 lessons or more, or a private lesson package of 4 lessons or more.

There is no limit to the number of free Japanese lessons you can earn. Look how the free lessons add up:

3 free Japanese lessons imageRefer 1 friend Get 3 free FlexLessons ($30 value)
6 free Japanese lessons Refer 2 friends Get 6 free FlexLessons ($55 value)
9 free Japanese lessonsRefer 3 friends Get 9 free FlexLessons ($80 value)

And don’t forget---each friend gets a free lesson as well.
Get started today, and tell all your friends about your favorite online Japanese school!

Terms and Conditions

Offer is available to all current and former JOI students. All free tickets are for FlexLessons only.

1. Referee students terms

The 3 new FlexLesson tickets (added after your referred student purchases a regular priced package) will have the same validity period of your present package.
So if for example you have 30 FlexLesson tickets remaining in your account which are valid until March 1st 2012,
your account will be credited with the 3 new tickets, the result = 33 FlexLesson tickets valid until March 1st 2012.

If you do not have any valid tickets in your account, the account will be credited with the 3 new FlexLesson tickets with a validity period of 2 weeks.

2. Refered students terms

The 1 extra FlexLesson tickets (added after you purchase a regular priced package) will have the same validity period of your newly purchased package.
So if for example you purchase 30 FlexLesson tickets valid for 6 months,
your account will also be credited with 1 extra tickets, the result = 31 FlexLesson tickets valid for 6 months.

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