JLPT N2 Word List & Idiom List

Free Word List & Idiom List for JOI’s JLPT N2 Prep Students !

*This does not apply to the December 2021 JLPT preparation course.

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To help you pass the JLPT N2 Final Prep Course, JOI has prepared some excellent learning aids, the Essential 500 Word List and the Essential 65 Idiom List.

The complete JLPT N2 vocabulary includes about 6,000 Japanese words, and it would be difficult to memorize all of these within the classes. So our professional teaching experts have selected the 500 most tested and practical words and phrases and created an Essential List to help you jump start your JLPT preparation ! Also to help you succeed in the test, the teachers have researched the idiom roster for the JLPT N2, and prepared a list of the 65 most essential phrases.

And this year too, the JOI teachers have created audio files which allow you to memorize these lists aurally too ! You can also use these audio files to listen and shadow the teacher's reading, and learn how to pronounce the vocabulary and idioms.(Sample here)
Please note : Vocabulary list and Idiom list audio will be available for listening on YouTube until July 4th 2021. Thank you for your understanding.

*Please note that the Essential Word List contains only 500 words out of a complete list of 6000 necessary vocabulary for the N2 level.

**Conditions for getting your free Essential 500 Word List and the Essential 65 Idiom List

To receive this year's presents, you have to take four or more N2 Final Prep classes or at JOI between May 6th through July 2nd 2021(Japan time).

**To "take a class" in this context this means classes reserved and actually taken. If you are absent for a reserved class, this does not count as a taken class.


*The JOI JLPT N2 Essential 500 Word List and Essential 50 Idiom List are copyrighted. The Content shall not be modified, copied or distributed in any form without prior consent of the owners, Earth Communications Inc.

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