JOI Lunch Meeting in Nagoya

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On November 22nd, the JOI Lunch Meeting in Nagoya was held. The JOI staff and teachers meeting up annually from all over the country. In the past, meet-ups have been arranged in Osaka and Tokyo but this was the first time that one was held in Nagoya city.

For this year's Lunch Meeting, two staff members and 10 teachers participated. The JOI teachers often have online meetings and workshops so they meet face-to-face a lot, but its difficult to meet up "for real". (Everyone lives in different parts or the country). So for just this reason, this is one of the annual times everyone really looks forward to.

There are some teachers that met each other for real there for the first time. But they soon found kindred spirits in each other as the ate, drank and talked together...there was never a lack of topics.

The good times seemed pass by in flash!


Mizuno sensei (who lives in Nagoya) with Seno sensei and Itaya sensei (who arrived the day before on the 21st).



The Lunch Meeting



Kinoi sensei, Ishibashi sensei and Mizuno sensei.



Igarashi sensei, Kamiyama sensei and JOI Director Kamioka



Itaya sensei with Takase sensei



JOI Suport staff Moses with Igarashi sensei



Exchanging presents



Funny face group photo (there are some teachers not making a funny face !)

funny face


Let's meet up again next year !

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