Huis Ten Bosch, Sasebo & Kujukushima

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Use your Survival Japanese skills to travel around Japan

Japan is a fantastic place to go travel to. There are many wonderful sights to see and fun places to visit all over the country.

You can use the language skills learnt in the Survival Japanese classes and other lessons at JOI to enjoy your trip even more !

 In this blog, the JOI staff took a trip to explore the tourist destinations in Nagasaki prefecture and around Sasebo city.



This is a group of beautiful islands literally known as the 99 Islands (in fact there are 208 in total) in Nagasaki prefecture just a little west of Sasebo city.


You can take a ship cruise around the islands to enjoy a closer look. Or drive up to the Observation Park in the nearby mountains to get a scenic view.


Huis Ten Bosch 

Huis Ten Bosch is an amusement and theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture which recreates a Dutch city to scale.

The name Huis Ten Bosch translates into English as "House in the Woods" and has multiple attractions that can be enjoyed by all the family.

Huis Ten Bosch Sasebo

The main attraction during the winter season is the spectacular light show.
This is the largest display of such romantic lighting in Japan and is particularly popular with couples during the Christmas and New Year period.

 Huis-Ten-Bosch-light-up-Nagasaki Huis-Ten-Bosch-romantic-lights-Nagasaki 

The park is actually larger than the Disney resorts in Tokyo and the Universal Studios attraction in Osaka. And has some really fun and cutting adge rides and shows.

The JOI Support Staff, Moses took this opportunity on this trip to fulfil a long held wish to try a Bungee Jump ! 


It was more terrifying and invigorating than expected !!

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