Online Japanese FAQs

Troubleshooting Tips

information I can't log in. What's wrong?

95% of our users have no problems with using the classroom software.
Please do the 1 minute eLecta Live setup to ensure a trouble-free service.

Any other problems arise - please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for personal troubleshooting tips.

Pre-Enrollment Questions

information How do I enroll? 

After we receive your completed enrollment form and after you have purchased a lesson package, we'll send you a confirmation email message. This email, which is your official enrollment notification, usually takes no more than 24 hours from the time your payment clears.

information How does the curriculum work? 

JOI offers three kinds of lessons:

  1. FlexLessons, which are small-group classes instructed by a JOI teacher
  2. PrivateSilver lessons, which are one-to-one lessons with a JOI teacher
  3. PrivateGold lessons, which are one-to-one lessons with a JOI teacher, with additional features and services

We recommend FlexLessons for all students. The FlexLessons curriculum is modular, which means:
the order of lessons does not necessarily follow the order of sections in the textbook; and
as much as possible, later lessons do not depend on earlier lessons.

This modular approach means you can take lessons at your own pace, on your own schedule. Even if you choose not to take a class every day, you can be confident of keeping up when you rejoin the class.

FlexLessons are available at all learning levels, from Introductory to Advanced, and include JLPT classes and discussion classes. Learn more about FlexLessons.

information Which level is best for me? 

The best way is to try our 3-lesson trial package, and check out the different course levels.

Once you feel confident at your current level, step up to the next level. Our philosophy is to create a learning space where you can learn at your own pace.

information Can I choose my teacher? 

With our FlexLessons, you're always free to choose the teacher, level, and times for your online Japanese lessons (subject to scheduling availability; please see lesson schedule for class availability).

With private lessons, you choose one teacher, who prepares a customized, individualized curriculum for your online lessons. That teacher will instruct all of your private lessons.

If you need more flexibility in scheduling private lessons, you can take advantage of our Team-Up Private Lessons. Two or more teachers will prepare coordinated, customized lesson plans to meet your Japanese learning needs.

informationDo the JOI teachers speak any language other than Japanese? 

Online Japanese classes at JOI are conducted fully in Japanese, and our teachers are experienced in teaching all levels. At the Introductory level, teachers use some English for explanations.

information Can I take both FlexLessons and private lessons? 

Yes. FlexLessons and private lessons are purchased separately, but if you purchase both packages, you're free to take lessons of both types.

information  I can't get the Japanese language textbooks in my part of the world. 

For your first lessons, don't worry about textbooks. Try a lesson package of a few lessons to gauge which level suits you best. Then, when you've decided on your level, please contact us. We'll order the textbook on your behalf and mail it to you. Payment for this service must be made by direct bank transfer or through PayPal.

information  Which payment methods do you support? 

JOI accepts PayPal payments and direct bank transfers.We recommend PayPal, where you can use 3 methods

  1. Credit card payments (no Paypal account necessary)
  2. A direct transfer from your bank account (a verified PayPal account is required)
  3. An e-check ( a verified PayPal account is required and e-checks take up to 5 business days to clear)

In the case of direct bank transfers outside of PayPal, transaction fees and charges are incurred by the applicant. If the net amount received differs from the lesson package cost, we will adjust the number of tickets accordingly.

information Are there any costs besides lesson packages? 

No, there are no extra costs other than your lesson package. For some classes, you may wish to purchase a textbook.

The JOI Student Advantages 24-hour chat rooms, Japanese language quizzes, weekly lesson blog, message board, and more are all included in your lesson package price.

Setting Up Your Computer Help

What are the computer requirements? 

Please see the system requirements for eLecta Live - the JOI classroom software.

information I'm not good with computers at all. Will I be able to use JOI's service? 

The classroom system is really simple we're confident you'll find it easy to understand. JOI's unique system lets you reserve online Japanese classes in your local time zone, so you don't have to keep track of Japan time. When class time approaches, simply log in, click your classroom link, and you're learning Japanese live, online!

We want your JOI experience to be a success, so please test the classroom software on your computer before buying lessons.

information Can I use a dial-up Internet connection? 

No, dial-up connections are too usually too slow for our classroom, but almost any broadband connection (cable or DSL) will work. Satellite connections are not recommended, because of their high latencies.

Please do the quick connection test here

information Do I need a web cam? 

No, while all teachers use a web cam (which means you can see your teacher during class), web cams are optional for students.

information Where can I buy a headset? 

Any computer or electronics store sells headsets, generally for US $10 to $30 (prices vary).

A quality headset is essential. Low-quality headsets bleed sound from the earphones into the microphone, causing echoes when you talk. (Often, you cannot hear your own echoes, but the rest of the class can.)

The best headset is one with noise-reducing or noise-cancelling circuitry (search Google). These headsets cost a little more (US $20 to $40), but they produce clear sound without echoes or background noise.

A headset has two cords that plug into your computer: one cord plugs into your microphone jack, the other cord plugs into your headphones jack.

An ordinary microphone and audio headphones will also work, but you'll get better sound and a more comfortable experience with a headset.

Managing Your Account

information I forgot my username or password. 

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a new password and username reminder.

information I've used all my lesson tickets (or my tickets have expired). How do I re-enroll? 

If using a credit card or a PayPal transfer, simply complete a purchase from the Buy Lessons page.
We'll credit your account with the new lessons within 24 hours. (For direct bank transfer procedures,
(please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)

information Can I get a time extension for my lesson tickets? 

Ticket Extension rules


If you purchase a new package before the expiration date,  only the tickets from the last purchased package will be added. (Any tickets from packages purchased prior to the last purchased package will expire).

* Please note if a purchase is made after the validity period, extensions will not apply.
* FlexLesson package purchases can only apply to FlexLesson package extensions.
* Silver Lesson package purchases can only apply to Silver Lesson package extensions.
* Gold Lesson package purchases can only apply to Gold Lesson package extensions.
* The ticket extension system is subject to revise or abolish without prior notice. See Terms and Conditions.

■ Example of Student A

1st purchase : 20 FlexLessons purchased on September 10th 2018 (Valid for 4 months until January 10th 2019)

→ At the date of expiry (January 10th 2019), 13 FlexLesson tickets remain unused.

2nd purchase : 10 FlexLessons purchased on January 10th 2019 (Valid for 2 months until March 10th 2019)

→13 remaining tickets from previously purchased package. 13 remaining tickets + 10 New Tickets = 23 FlexLesson tickets (The new expiry date for the 23 tickets is until March 10th 2019) However, student does not take any lessons in this period and on March 10th 2019 he still has 23 remaining in his account.

3rd purchase : March 10th 2019 10 FlexLessons purchased (Valid for 2 months until May 10th 2019)

→Tickets remaining from the 2nd purchase will carry over to the 3rd purchase package. But tickets remaining from the 1st purchase (in this case 13 tickets), will not be added to the new 10 remaining tickets + 10 New Tickets = 20 FlexLesson tickets . Total 20 Tickets valid until May 10th 2019


Reserving and Cancelling Lessons

information  How do I reserve a class? 

Login to your account after you have purchased lesson tickets, visit your Current Reservations page,and click the "Make a Reservation" link.

information What is the deadline for reserving a class? 

The reservation deadline is 17 hours before class.
(This JOI feature is the best service among all online Japanese schools !)

information How do I cancel a reservation? 

To cancel a reservation, visit your Current Reservations page, and click the "Cancel" button next to the reservation you wish to cancel. When you cancel a reservation, the lesson ticket is added back to your account balance.The cancellation deadline is 17 hours before class.

information I couldn't connect to the Internet for a class. Can I get my lesson ticket refunded? 

Unfortunately, no. Although we understand the frustration of this situation, we cannot re-award a lesson ticket after the cancellation deadline, even if you couldn't take the lesson for reasons beyond your control.

information I want to reserve a class for tomorrow, but they all say "reservation deadline has passed". 
How can I reserve tomorrow's class?

The reservation deadline is 17 hours before class.

information I want to reserve a class 10 days from now, but I cannot select the date on the calendar.Why? 

Classes are available for reservation 7 days in advance.
Private Gold lessons can be reserved 30 days in advance.

information I need to cancel a reservation, but the screen says "cancellation deadline has passed". 
How can I cancel my class?

Unfortunately, the class cannot be cancelled after the cancellation deadline.The cancellation deadline is 17 hours before class.

information I want to take a class at noon, but there aren't any offered. 

Please try to find another class within our schedule. The lesson schedule lists all available FlexLessons and private lessons in Japan time or your local time. The reservation system lists available classes and your reserved classes in your local time.  (See schedule here )



information I can't log in. What's wrong? 

When logging in to the Reservations System, make sure you are entering your username and password correctly. If you have forgotten your password or username, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..