Hokkaido prefecture is very well known for its local cuisine - perhaps the best in Japan. And autumn is the time for many delicious food throughout Japan.

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Aki aji - the taste of Japanese autumn


By ITAYA Sayuri


日本でよく食べられている魚の1つ、「鮭(さけ)」。 鮭は川で生まれ、海へ下って北の海で育(そだ)ち、また自分が生まれた川に産卵のために戻って来ます。そして秋にふるさとの川へ戻ってくる「鮭」を私が住む北海道では、秋に食べるおいしい物という意味で「あきあじ(秋味/秋鮭)」と呼び、昔からおいしく味わってきました。しかし、残念ながら最近ではこの「あきあじ」が遡上できるような川はずいぶん少なくなりました。自然ではもう無理なので、人工的採卵し、ふ化させ、放流をしているのが現状です。



また、北海道の郷土料理としては、「石狩鍋」や「ちゃんちゃん焼き」も人気です。どちらも 「あきあじ」と味噌を使った北海道の自慢の料理です。作り方は簡単なので、よく家庭でも食べられています。


ああ、考えるだけでお腹がすいてきました・・・。 あなたの地方での秋のおいしい「」の食べ物は何ですか?

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また、北海道の郷土料理(きょうどりょうり)としては、「石狩鍋(いしかりなべ)」や「ちゃんちゃん焼(や)き」も人気(にんき)です。どちらも 「あきあじ」と味噌(みそ)を使(つか)った北海道の自慢(じまん)の料理です。作(つく)り方(かた)は簡単(かんたん)なので、よく家庭(かてい)でも食べられています。

ああ、考(かんが)えるだけでお腹(なか)がすいてきました・・・。 あなたの地方(ちほう)での秋(あき)のおいしい「旬(しゅん)」の食べ物は何ですか?

Aki aji - the taste of Japanese autumn

One of the most eaten fish in Japan is Sake (salmon) . Sake are born in rivers, then swim downriver to the northern seas where they are raised and then they return to the rivers where they were born in order to spawn. And in my hometown Hokkaido, we call these Sake that return to their home rivers during the autumn season ; Aki aji, a name which means that they are delicious when eaten in autumn - we have enjoyed the taste of this food since ancient times. Unfortunately, recently, the numbers of rivers in which the Sake can swim back upstream have reduced. Therefore because it has become impossible for this to happen naturally, the status quo is that eggs are collected and hatched artificially and used to stock the rivers.

And so, more about Aki aji. You can eat it in various different delicious cuisines, such as grilled salmon, sashimi, and sushi but not only the fish itself but also the roe...ikura are also really delicious. Many people who come to Hokkaido enjoy the taste of Ikura don and Sake no Oyako Don (salmon with roe).

And also, the local cuisine which includes Ishi kari nabe and Chan chan yaki are really popular. They are both dishes which contain Aki aji and miso in their ingredients and are the pride of Hokkaido culinary. They are really easy dishes to make, so are often eaten at home too.

Aah, just thinking about it has made me feel really hungry ! Are there any dishes that seasonal dishes that are enjoyed during autumn in your hometown ?

鮭 【さけ; しゃけ; サケ】 salmon

産卵 【さんらん】 egg-laying; spawning

味わう 【あじわう】 to taste

残念ながら 【ざんねんながら】 I'm afraid to say; I'm sorry to say; unfortunately

遡上 【そじょう】 going upstream

人工的 【じんこうてき】 artificial; unnatural

採卵 【さいらん】 collecting eggs

ふ化 【ふか】 incubation; hatching

放流 【ほうりゅう】 liberation; stocking (e.g. a river with fish)

イクラ salted salmon roe (i.e. individual mature eggs)

石狩鍋 【いしかりなべ】 salmon and vegetable stew with miso and butter

家庭 【かてい】 home; family; household

旬 【しゅん】 season (e.g. fruit, fish)

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