Which device are you using? click below

Windows and Mac (Recommended)

iPhone and iPad


Download the Software.

 Mobile-Headset-icon Plug in your headset or earphones before starting.


a) In your account click to enter the SAKURA Lounge from the left side menu.


b) Next the Electa start page will appear.


c) Click on the blue download

d) When prompted select ‘Run’ and the Electa Live plug-in will be installed
    If your anti-virus blocks the download, please [allow].


  • Step 2
Enter the SAKURA lounge and click on 3 dots and selects Audio test .
  • Step 3 
Click [Play] to test your earphone or headphone sound.
If you can not hear the audio message, click the drop-down button to select your playback device .
  • Step 4 
Next click on the [Sound Test - Microphone] .
Click [Start Mic]  and talk into your microphone, you should see the meter moving.
If the meter does not move, click the drop-down button to select your microphone .

★Android users

The Android for the Electa classroom can be downloaded from this page.

Android devices do not need an audio set up, this is done automatically.

Mobile-Headset-icon You need to wear a headset or earphones to avoid echo.

Please try out the software in the SAKURA Lounge.