Speak in Japanese about Cool Japan and your jobs

These free discussion events for our members are a great and relaxed way to learn Japanese at JOI.

May 2017 Chat Event Topic & Schedule

Topic: クールジャパン Cool Japan

Date:2017/05/23 12:00 (Japan Time)

Level: Beginner2, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate


Inada sensei's remarks:


What do you like about Japan ?
Food ? Anime ? The scenery ? Culture ?
"I like this about Japan! It's cool !"
Tell us about what things made you think this.

Topic: 仕事について Work

Date: 2017/5/26 13:00 (Japan Time)

Level: Intermediate, Advanced


Shiomi sensei's remarks:


What kind of work or part-time jobs have you done until now ?
Why did you decide to do that job ?
Is there a job you would like to do in the future ?
What is your ideal workplace ?

The events are moderated by one of the JOI teachers and are a fun and relaxed way to enjoy learning Japanese online for free with other like-minded Japanese language learners.It's easy to attend one of these events.

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