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Intermediate Grammar (incl. JLPT N2)

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Intermediate Grammar (incl. JLPT N2)


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Konnichiwa ! My name is Junko Inada.
I am currently living in Tokyo but I grew up in the next prefecture, Kanagawa overlooking the ocean and Mt. Fuji.

My hobbies are salsa ( Latin dance and music).
I have made a lot friends of different ages and nationalities through salsa.
But if you are able to understand your partner's language, you can get along even better.

What inspired you to learn Japanese ?
What are you interested in ? What are you into recently ? Let's talk about everything in the classes.
Lets study and talk a lot together.
I'll be waiting in the classroom.

Japanese Teaching Style

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What kinds of activities do you include in your online Japanese classes?

Intermediate Grammar (including JLPT N2)

At this level we focus on two grammatical structures within each class. We study a variety of example sentences using the structures and finally we practice them until you are able to create your own sentences using the structures.
Approximately once a month we also have reading comprehension practice classes.


The main aim is to practice conversation in this lesson type. We focus on, not only the day's grammatical structure but also on you, discussing anything that is currently of interest to you or topics that are on your mind during daily life - I try to get you to talk as much as possible, and introduce some new terminology and trendy words too.


Within each class, we talk about topics that I hope will stimulate your interest:- social problems,current incidents, history, culture, customs etcetera.
In private lessons I also include poems, ancient literature and speech making practice.

Please share your thoughts on teaching and learning Japanese.

I try to make each class fun and easy for you to participate in.
Once you can remember more vocabulary and phrases, and become able to express yourself better Japanese, studying it should become more and more fun!
I would like to see you become a person who can use Japanese to communicate with many people in Japan and around the world.


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Completed the distance learning NAFL Japanese teacher training program
Passed the Japanese Language Teacher Proficiency Test

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