Theme parks in Japan

Japan is a country of many amusement parks. There are large American theme parks like Tokyo Disney Land and Universal Studios Japan. And there are parks based on different countries' culture and scenery for example Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki and Park of Spain in Mie prefecture.

The majority of visitors to the parks are domestic tourists, but in recent years an increasing number of international tourists, especially from China, Taiwan and South Korea, are coming to these parks.

In this audio blog for Japanese learners, Suzuki sensei  introduces a theme park located in Iwaki city in Fukushima prefecture. Listen to the audio, enjoy the video and learn Japanese online for free with this great educational tool.

Hawaii in Japan






2011年の東日本大震災によって、ここも大きな被害を受けましたが、休業後無事に再開され、今年50周年を迎えたそうです。  日本の中のハワイ、ぜひ行ってみてください。


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2011年(ねん)の東日本大震災(ひがしにほんだいしんさい)によって、ここも大(おお)きな被害(ひがい)を受(う)けましたが、休業後(きゅうぎょうご)無事(ぶじ)に再開(さいかい)され、今年(ことし)50周年(しゅうねん)を迎(むか)えたそうです。  日本(にほん)の中(なか)のハワイ、ぜひ行(い)ってみてください。

Hawaii in Japan

The other day, I went to Hawaii. But when I say Hawaii, I do not mean the American state of Hawaii. I'm talking about the Spa Resort “Hawaiians”, located in the city of Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

Spa Resort Hawaiians is a hot spring theme park based on the image of Hawaii. Its so warm inside the facility that you can spend the whole day there wearing just a bathing suit. You can swim in the heated pools, take a hot spring bath and watch a genuine Hula Dance show.

In 2011 this place suffered terrible damage in the Great East Japan Earthquake, but after a suspension of business it has safely reopened again, and this year it will mark its 50th anniversary. If you get a chance, please come and visit the Hawaii in Japan.

水着(みずぎ)  a bathing suit, a swimsuit

本格的(ほんかくてき)  genuine, real; orthodox

東日本大震災(ひがしにほんだいしんさい)  the Great East Japan Earthquake

被害(ひがい)  damage; injury

50周年(しゅうねん)を迎(むか)える  mark its 50th anniversary