Japanese desserts

There are many traditional Japanese desserts that use local ingredients like rice and red bean paste. These include mochi and daifuku.

But there are also some western desserts that use cream and butter for example cakes and cookies.

But in this blog for Japanese learners, Japanese teacher Yuki Kamiyama introduces desserts that use fruits that are in season.

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Fruit parfait








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Fruit parfait

I really love fruits and would like to eat them everyday but the prices of fruit in Japan are really high. For example one apple would cost you 150 yen in the supermarket.

When Japanese people visit friends' houses, they take fruits with them and often gift fruits to important people. In fruit specialty stores, you can find single melons sold for 10,000 yen or 15 berries of strawberries sold for 8,000 yen lined up and packaged beautifully in paulownia wood boxes. They seem to be treated almost like jewelry.

There is a dessert that matches the way we enjoy Japan's fruit shapes, colors and taste. This is fruit parfait. Fruit parfait is desert with fruit in a tall glass, arranged with ice cream, cream, chocolate, cereal, etc. In spring you can find strawberries or cherries, in summer you can find mangoes, melons or peaches, in autumn you can find grapes and in winter you can apples and in this way, you can enjoy the fruits that are in season. The appearance is brilliant and looks very beautiful.

You can eat them in cafes and coffee shops and family restaurants. And the fruit parfait that you can find in the fruit parlours in specialty shops are especially superb pieces of work so I really recommend these.

専門店(せんもんてん) specialty store

包装(ほうそう) package

桐(きり)の箱(はこ) a box of paulownia wood

宝石(ほうせき) jewelry

旬(しゅん) the height of the season

華やか(はなやか) brilliant

絶品(ぜっぴん) a superb piece of work


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