Tahitian Dance

In Japan, there are many dance classes and hobby circles. Many Japanese people study how to dance the island dances of Tahiti and also Hawaiian Hula. There are several groups and classes all over the country and they often put on shows and exhibitions.

One of the JOI Japanese language teachers, Murahara sensei takes classes in Tahitian dance. It is a graceful dance and wonderful to watch and participate in. But in her hometown of Kagoshima, a special event took place. Read on to find out !




tahichian dance

私の趣味はタヒチアンダンスです。 「Tara’ura」は私が所属するタヒチアンダンスチームの新しい名前で、タヒチ語で「赤い山の山頂」を意味します。私が住んでいる「鹿児島」のシンボル火山『桜島』を連想して名づけられました

この名前を名づけてくださったのは、Mevina Liufauという、全米最大のタヒチアンダンスグループNONOSHINA ANAHEIMのリーダー、振付師、そしてシンガーソングライターです。タヒチアンダンス界ではとても有名な方なので、みなさんの中にも知っている方がいるかもしれませんね。





Mevina Liufau

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私(わたし)の趣味(しゅみ)はタヒチアンダンスです。 「Tara’ura」は私(わたし)が所属(しょぞく)するタヒチアンダンスチームの新(あたら)しい名前(なまえ)で、タヒチ語(ご)で「赤(あか)い山(やま)の山頂(さんちょう)」を意味(いみ)します。私(わたし)が住(す)んでいる「鹿児島(かごしま)」のシンボル火山(かざん)『桜島(さくらじま)』を連想(れんそう)して名(な)づけられました

この名前(なまえ)を名(な)づけてくださったのは、Mevina Liufauという、全米(ぜんべい)最大(さいだい)のタヒチアンダンスグループNONOSHINA ANAHEIMのリーダー、振付師(ふりつけし)、そしてシンガーソングライターです。タヒチアンダンス界(かい)ではとても有名(ゆうめい)な方(かた)なので、みなさんの中(なか)にも知(し)っている方(かた)がいるかもしれませんね。






My hobby is Tahitian dance. The new name of the dance team that I belong to is “Tara’ura” which means the summit of the red mountain in the Tahitian language. It was named such to bring up the image of “Sakura Jima mountain” which is the symbol volcano of Kagoshima, the city I live in.

The person who gave it this name is Mevina Liufau, the leader of the largest Tahitian dance group in America, NONOSHINA ANAHEIM, a choreographer and a singer songwriter. He is a famous person in the world of Tahitian dance, so there are probably some among you who have heard of him.

On November 5th , Mevina sensei came to Kagoshima city and taught us a song called “Tara’ura” and also directly taught us a dance to go with the song. It is such a rare thing for such a great person to come to Kagoshima and it was the first time for me to experience getting coached by such person, so I was really excited.

It was difficulty to remember the whole choreography in the short time of 1 and half hours, but in a friendly atmosphere Mevina sensei spoke to us in English in a cheerful voice and told us, “It's difficult but if you think that you cannot do it, then you cannot do anymore. Think of it as fun! Oh, it is so fun !” And with that positive energy pulled us up, and we were able to learn the dance in a more fun way than usual.

And at the end, when Mevina sensei told us, “When you do this dance, think of “Sakura Jima mountain” as your own mountain, and dance it with pride”, a passionate feeling about our hometown welled up from inside. We are going to practice this dance a lot from now, but I think we it will become the dance that we value the most.

It seems that the song “Tara’ura” will be included in the album due out in December. If you are interested, please listen to it.

連想する/れんそうする to bring up the image of to associate

名づけられる /なづけられる be named

偉大な / いだいな great

指導を受ける / しどうをうける to get (someone)’s coach to receive (someone)’s guidance

誇らしくV / ほこらしくV (do something) proudly / pridefully

アルバムに収録される / しゅうろくされる be included on the album


Hajimemashite, everyone. My name is Satomi Murahara I live in Kagoshima in Kyushu. An active volcano known as Sakura Jima, is the symbol of the town.

I have been teaching at Japanese language schools in Saipan and Kagoshima. While I was in Saipan, I got to find out about Polynesian dances and now I'm currently learning Tahitian dance. Recently I have become interested in Hula too. One day I'd like to go to Hawaii and Tahiti and dance under the azure sky looking out at the sea.

I love helping everyone to learn Japanese ! So in my class, don't be afraid to make mistakes, just continue to use Japanese. Talk as much as possible and ask me lots of questions. This is the shortcut to improving your language skills. I'm really looking forward to hearing about your experiences and have conversations in Japanese with you !

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