Your voice is breaking up.

Please try these 4 steps one at a time:

1. Turn off your camera.

2. Turn off your incoming video (other students' video or teacher's video)

3. Please Reconnect. Older version of Electa  ★Latest Electa Update

4. Lower your Connection Speed. ★Older version of Electa  ★Latest Electa Update

★ Older version of Electa

Click [Audio] and [Reconnect]

Mac users, click [File] and [Reconnect]



★ Latest Electa Update

Click [ 。。。] and [Reconnect].


★ Older version of Electa

A) Click [File] on top left and select [Connection Speed].

B) Lower this to [Up to 1 mbps].



★ Latest Electa Update

A) Select [ 。。。] and [Settings and Connections].



B) Add a checkmark in "My internet is slow" setting box.