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Low Intermediate Grammar (incl. JLPT N3)


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Konnichiwa! My name is Kazumitsu Yamamoto (at JOI everyone calls me Ikko sensei). I live in Kanagawa with my wife. I was born in Tokyo but I have lived in Saitama, Shizuoka, and Hokkaido.

My hobbies are tennis, reading, taking walks and touring architecture. I have worked for an insurance company and its group companies doing sales and consulting for 42 years. In each company I worked in sales, corporate planning, accounting, personnel, general affairs and as a training instructor. I will be able to teach you about Japanese business manners and methods using this experience.

What dreams are you hoping to realize through learning Japanese? I would like to lend a hand in supporting you to make your dreams come true. Let's learn Japanese together!

Japanese Teaching Style

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What kinds of activities do you include in your online Japanese classes?

squareLow Intermediate Grammar (incl. JLPT N3)

There are two types of classes within this level.  Classes that focus on conversations; and classes that focus on grammar and conversation.

In the conversation classes, we decide a topic and have conversations on those particular topics. Don't be afraid to make mistakes in your conversation, just try to speak as much as possible.
In the grammar and conversation classes, we focus on a single grammar point to study. First we learn how to connect the grammar and the meaning. Then we use the grammar point in various example sentences. And after that, we practice the grammar in conversations. If there are any difficult words, I will give you hints in the classroom, so don't worry it will be fine.

Both classes are really fun, so come and join in my Low Intermediate classes.


This lesson focuses on one particular grammar point.
We look at how to use if in different situations and within different relationships and practice how to use natural-sounding Japanese.
There are many chances to speak so this lesson is a lot of fun.

Please share your thoughts on teaching and learning Japanese.

Let's enjoy Japanese together during the 50 minute classes!
Don't be afraid to make mistakes! There is a Japanese proverb that says “Failure teaches success” - 「 失敗は成功のもと」
I will give my full support to you until you are able to 'speak', 'listen to' 'read' and 'write' Japanese!


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Graduated from Waseda University, Department of politics and economics

Completed the Undergraduate Course at Rikkyo Second Stage College

Completed the Japanese Language Teacher Training Course (420-hours and above) at Human Academy

Worked at an Insurance company engaged in work including sales, corporate planning, accounting, personnel, general affairs and as a training instructor